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Important Terms to Know About Speedometers
A speedometer is an instrument within a motor vehicle that indicates speed. This important gauge was first developed in the late 1800s, but was called a velocimeter at first. It wasn’t until about 1910 that speedometers were included as standard features in automobiles. Today, the speedometer is a prominent feature on any car’s dashboard, referred to often when driving. The speedometer is known as the airspeed indicator within aircraft and a pit log on a boat. Check out these important terms to know about speedometers and their related functions:

Eddy Current: An electric current within conductors when exposed to a changing magnetic field due to the field source motion and conductor, causing current within the conductor’s body. Current involves the circulating flow of electrons.

Torsion Spring: This flexible elastic object that holds mechanical energy when experiencing torsion or twisting. There are two kinds of torsion springs: torsion bar, made of metal or rubber, and torsion fiber, made of delicate fibers of silk, glass or quartz.

Tachometer: Also known as an RPM gauge, this instrument measures a shaft or disk’s rotation speed to display revolutions per minute, or RPM for short. Available in analog dials or digital displays.

Odometer: Also called an odograph, this instrument shows the distance traveled by a motor vehicle, available in electronic or mechanical form or a combination of both.

Torque: Also called moment of force, this terms refers to the tendency of a force to move an object around an axis or pivot. Essentially, this is an object’s twist.

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Speedometer manufacturers are just a sub-field of the automotive industry. They work closely with mechanics, automobile manufacturers, and car parts suppliers. The speedometer manufacturers fabricate digital and dial-based readers, which they then sell in bulk to different mechanic or parts companies. Any person working within one of these factories needs a GED, and on-the-job training. Line employees need to inspect and help assemble each speed gauge, making sure that it is ready for whatever truck or car model it is going to be installed in.

Vehicle manufacturers are a major part of this industry. They are also a major buyer for speedometers, if the speedometer fabrication is not already a subdivision of their factory. These companies are the ones to actually assemble motorcycles, dirt bikes, cars and trucks in their entirety. Any employees working here need at least a GED, and will be trained on the specifics of their jobs. They also need to determine which type of gauge to install in which car dashboard, for instance electronic versus the dial.

Mechanics, on the other hand, need extensive training, and certification. Many of them enroll in trade school, and then undergo an apprenticeship before they are able to work independently on any vehicle. For example, when a mechanic is repairing a broken speedometer, he or she needs to know that it is connected to the transmission through cables connected to gearing near the tail shaft. Mechanics, aside from their training, often have connections to parts suppliers. They can get both new and used replacement speedometers cheaper than most individuals, making it cheaper for their customers in the long run.