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Questions to Ask for Pallets and Skids Suppliers

Pallets and skids are a common fixture in warehouses, cargo ports, airports, and recycle plants. They are used to help lift and transport stacks of goods. From plastic to heat treated wood, seek out a supplier to buy new and used pallets of all kinds, along with jacks, trucks and other heavy duty equipment. Pallet loaders are machines that move pallets of steel, wood, and other materials. Skid steers are small trucks that lift and exchange parcels from one place to another. Before calling suppliers, you should have a few questions in mind so that you can gather all the necessary information beforehand. Asking the appropriate questions can often be your solution for saving money and time.

  • Can I rent or buy pallets and skids from your company?
    Many suppliers of skids and pallets offer purchase of new and used equipment, but many times, they also offer rentals or leases for short term use.

  • Do you provide specialized services for one specific industry such as shipping or steel, or do your services encompass everything I need for my project?
    Sometimes you will find pallet and skid suppliers strictly for warehouse settings. Others are geared toward the shopping and cargo industry. However, many provide all purpose equipment and materials such as heat treated wooden pallets that can be used in a variety of applications.

  • Can I buy replacement parts for my equipment?
    Many companies offer not only sales of the heavy duty equipment, but the replacement parts that owners will need after a certain period of time, from cylinder rod pins and connectors to valves and cap screws.
  • Calumet Pallet Co., Inc.
    Get the best value on quality materials from our local West area pallets and skids provider. If you have a business that requires moving large amounts of materials, trust our pallets and skids.
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    Pallets and skids hold goods so that can sit in a warehouse until items ship. Shrink-wrap covers the goods on the skids so that they do not become contaminated. A forklift moves them to shelves until it's time to load cargo on trucks. From there, the trucks transport the goods to stores. During storage, it's important to keep items off the floor to prevent mildew, mold, and water damage. Wooden pallets are inexpensive and biodegradable. Look for heat-treated boards so that pests do not travel with your goods and cause a problem. Plastic skids are durable and last longer. These plastic platforms also do not absorb moisture. Pallets and skids to not last forever. Check wood pallets to make sure the nails are not rusty. Rusty nails can compromise the stability of the pallet. Plastic pallets can be stored outdoors but be careful not to place them near a heating element. If you become a pallet expert, then you can answer customers' questions about load that each pallet can bear. You will be able to suggest pallets for dimensions of heavy goods. You can give advice regarding transport and security. You will be able to provide useful information about how high customers can stack. You may have the responsibility of directing forklifts to carry pallets to set in different areas of the warehouse. When pallets crack, melt or become unstable it may be your job to make sure these pallets are disposed of correctly.