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If you are looking for a career that you can be proud of and feel like you are making a difference, consider becoming a development manager or fundraising consultant.

As a fundraising consultant, your job will involve raising funds for local nonprofits, and helping them finance their organizational goals. A typical day in the life of a fundraising consultant could involve working with the management of a local nonprofit to develop online campaign initiatives, Internet marketing strategies and community events. The charity may also ask you to provide the management with training and advice so that they can continue raising funds after your contract has ended.

To become a development professional, you should consider an advanced college degree in business, with a focus on nonprofits. There you will receive instruction on the best practices for coaching schools, churches, clubs and even political campaigns in how to raise funds. An advanced degree will help you land your first job, and will provide credibility to your future employers.

You should also consider becoming a member the AFP, or Association of Fundraising Professionals. This is a professional organization that can provide you with networking opportunities and advanced training as your industry changes.

While the job isn’t always easy, a career as a fundraising professional can be both lucrative and rewarding. No matter what project you are working on, be it a processional, awarding your organization part of the profits from selling a product, or even a simple telethon, you can be proud of your career choice.

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Fundraising at the national and global level often requires serious management skills and training. Even if your charity, nonprofit, or church participates in fundraising at the local community level, you still might be able to profit by hiring a professional that can give you sound advice about your capital, finances, marketing, and campaign development strategies. You can find many fundraising management consultants listed in your online directory. Some people find that there are so many companies for them to choose from that it is difficult for them to decide which ones can give them the products and services that they need, so we include a few questions that you can use to help you determine which companies are right for you. First, ask the companies how long they have been involved in fundraising. Consultants with several years of experience should know how to use the Internet for easy marketing at the local, national, and global levels. If you need training for your nonprofit, then you should ask the organization if they have coaches that can give you online instruction and advice about making an effective marketing and campaign that uses strategies like slogans, giving away products, and increasing interest in your cause. Ask them if they have wealth management professional that can help you manage the finances and capital that you already have so that you can make the most of your money. Ask them if they are members of any professional organizations like AFP to help you determine if they are legitimate professionals that you can trust.