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Important Terms to Know About Water Coolers, Fountains and Filters
There’s nothing like cool refreshing water to drink. It’s also pretty to look at streaming through a fountain. And filters are necessary on sink faucets sometimes to filter out the bad stuff. You can purchase these items from water coolers, fountains and filters dealers. You may want to buy a water cooler for your office to dispense hot and cold water. Or, maybe you would like to put a filter on your tap to purify your well water. Whatever the case, check out these important terms in regards to water coolers, filters and fountains.

Reverse Osmosis: A membrane-technology filtration method that is designed to take out large ions and molecules from a solution via pressure on one side. Effectively, this stops the large molecules from passing through but allows smaller parts to pass through freely.

Carbon Filtering: Filtering method utilizing activated carbon which removes impurities and contaminants via chemical absorption.

Water Purification: The process whereby contaminants are removed from water, to produce a product that people can drink safely.

Distillation: A way to separate mixtures by their differences in a component’s volatility while in a boiling liquid.

Filtration: An operation used to separate solids from fluids.

Aqueduct: Water supply such as a channel that can hold and direct water. It usually involves the use of many pipes, ditches, tunnels and canals.

Musical Fountain: A type of animated fountain that uses timed sound waves and light refracted and reflected off water. This produces three-dimensional images, offering high entertainment value, especially at nighttime within amusement parks. The fountains are used as exciting features within water and light shows.

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Some people work with water coolers, filters, and wall fountains. This is a broad industry these days, and countless people are interested in purchasing products and filtration systems that cleanse drinking water. Therefore, this can be a very busy line of work to get involved with. You will often deal with products like custom wall mounted fountains, popular purifier systems that are featured on television, and commercial grade water coolers, as well as various parts and accessories. While some of these indoor and outdoor water cleansing systems are expensive, others are not. Some wholesale systems are even suited for bottled water.

There is some knowledge and expertise that applies to this line of wholesale work. Depending on what manufacturer or distribution company you are employed with, you may have to know plenty about industrial purification systems, filters that purify sink water in residential homes, and floor coolers that dispense clean drinking water. Typically as a worker, you will sell water coolers, recessed wall fountains, bottled water supplies, and refrigerator filters in bulk at cheap discounted rates to retailers and commercial businesses. It is your job to answer any questions buyers may have regarding indoor water coolers, outdoor purification systems, and chemicals and waste that are sometimes found in drinking water. As you may know, many of these systems use components like chlorine to clean the water.

In this line of work, you will commonly deal with a number of different buyers from various parts of the United States. You may even have to work with some international clients.