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When faced with a traffic violation, depending on the severity of the ticket or accident that has occurred, traffic law attorneys can provide any litigation or representation for your individual case. Enacted statutes make certain violations have very different consequences to the way your drive. The most dangerous and therefore severe penalty for driving infractions is doing so while intoxicated. Getting a DUI or DWI can have severe impacts on your life, not to mention your criminal record. If injury is incurred or you drive and get in an accident, many times event eh best defense in traffic law can’t help you. Civil courts may be lighter on a speeding ticket as opposed to a DUI, but this depends on the state.

  • What are the alternatives to practicing traffic law?
    Many attorneys will leave traffic law and other forms of law to pursue such professions as government work, legal publication, banking and financing, as well as law enforcement.

  • Are all lawyers specialists in specific fields?
    No, many lawyers practicing in a certain field are not typically certified as a specialist. Many will have a general practice once they’ve passed the bar and studied law extensively or enter into a firm where they practice different forms of law.

  • What can traffic law attorneys assist you with?
    A traffic attorney can assist in diminishing the results of traffic violations. They can also help with dismissing or reducing your traffic tickets. They might be able to help with a suspension of license, fine or even warrants and jail time. DUIs and DWIs have rather serious consequences that a attorney may not be able to help with criminal charges.

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    There are several careers available in the legal field. Some of these, besides lawyers, include legal clerks, negotiators, research specialist and more. There are also nuances within the different types of law or litigation that attorneys perform, such as divorce, immigration, medical malpractice and criminal cases. If you are dealing with speeding tickets, DUI charges or car accidents, you need the help of an attorney that specializes in traffic law.

    Becoming a traffic attorney is not an easy task; they must not only go through law school, but also learn the intricacies of this field of law. To begin with, a lawyer must pass the state bar exam to be able to practice law in that state. Before passing the exam many attorneys take the time to work with someone who is well established in the field, allowing them to learn about issues like the statute of limitation on injury suits, turning an insurance issue into a civil case, or finding out about the best way to handle DUI cases. Because factors like the mental condition of the driver, the client's past driving record, or even the moves of other drivers surrounding an accident all factor into cases when taken to court, it is important that attorneys know how to deal with these in defense or prosecution settings. After finishing an internship and passing the bar, the attorney can then choose to find employment with another firm, or invest in his or her own practice. No matter the case, the assistance of a traffic law attorney can be invaluable. Like corporate or patent law, traffic cases can hold far more danger than a simple fine. Those involved in hit and runs, fatal accidents or DUI charges can sometimes face criminal charges!