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Roof Maintenance and Cleaning Tips
Roof maintenance is critical to keeping the structural integrity of your roof true, as well as maximizing the value of your home. Neglecting the accumulation of debris, birds nests and other foreign materials can lead to structural problems, warping, mold and leakage. Here are a few tips to remember when choosing a roof cleaning service:

Tip #1: Be wary of pressure cleaning.
Pressure washing sounds good, but high pressure might damage your roof shingles and deteriorate the protective covering. Try to find a company that offers low pressure washing, soft roof cleaning or brushing.

Tip #2: Make sure the service is fully licensed, bonded and insured.
Check your state's licensing commission website and make sure the roof cleaning contractor has a current state license. Also, have the contractor present you with an insurance certificate that delineates all of their insurance coverage.

Tip #3: Get references.
Have your contractor provide you with a list of clients you can contact. Ask them exactly what procedures they had done, how fast they were able to complete service and if they were professional and courteous. You will also want to check reviews online, and if that company has any unresolved disputes.

Tip #4: Ask about the roofing materials they have cleaned.
Asphalt shingles, tile, and aluminum roofs require entirely different tools and techniques to clean safely and effectively. Roof cleaning services will have been trained to clean all roofing materials, but will often only have experience in cleaning a finite variety. Make sure they have experience in cleaning your specific roofing materials. Also, ask about the chemical solutions they use to clean their roofs, and research their effectiveness.
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The roof of your house is the most important piece of material keeping you and your family nice and dry. Regular roof maintenance is essential for avoiding costly restorations and keeping your home in tip top shape. Here are some questions to ask roof maintenance and cleaning service providers.

  • What cleaning and restoration services do you provide?
    There are a wide variety of services and methods used to clean your roof. This includes repairs on things like shingles and mold removal. Often times service providers can clean other exteriors including decks and the sides of your house.

  • Do you provide pressure wash?
    Pressure washing is a method which uses water sprayed at high pressure to clean surfaces. This is recommended in some situations but not all because the high water pressure can damage shingles or the runoff water can affect plants and pets.

  • What kind of cleaners or chemicals do you use?
    Be sure that only safe and approved cleaners are used that will not harm your plants, yard, sidewalks or pets.

  • Can you clean my gutters?
    The gutters on your roof should not be overlooked in cleaning.

  • Can you remove mold and algae?
    Mold grows on roofs in large black streaks and collects along with algae in gutters. It is important to have all this cleaned for proper roof maintenance.

  • Can you re-seal my roof?
    If your roof is leaking you will need to hire someone to repair the seal right away.

  • What is the cost?
    Be sure you comfortable with the price. By scheduling regular cleaning for your roof every three to four years you will be ensuring that your roof will last a long time and continue keeping you and your family dry.