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Questions to Ask a Restaurant Wholesaler

Restaurant wholesalers sell equipment and supplies needed to run a kitchen and dining service in a restaurant or catering business. If you are looking for a wholesaler, there are a few questions to consider asking to be sure the supplier can meet the needs of your business.

  • What type of cooking equipment does the wholesaler sell?
    Restaurant suppliers carry a wide selection of appliances necessary to run a kitchen. They may carry large items like stoves, brick ovens, grills, refrigerators, and freezers. Also, they may carry basic kitchen supplies like knives, pots and pans, and cutting boards. To get an idea of the types of cooking and food preparation equipment a wholesaler offers you may want to ask for a catalogue or look on their website, if possible.

  • What type of dining room and serving supplies does the wholesaler carry?
    In a restaurant, how your food is presented to your customers is an important part of their overall experience. A good wholesaler should have a catalog of silverware and glassware options for you to choose from for use in your dining area. Also, you may want to consider if the wholesaler carries dining room furniture like tables, chairs, and booths.

  • Does the supplier offer any discounts on bulk orders or replacements?
    If you are purchasing a full set of new glassware for a bar or restaurant, you may be able to obtain a discount based on the size of your order, so be sure to ask. Also, some suppliers carry replacements for things like silverware and glassware, so it is not necessary to buy a full set if a few items are lost or broken. Being able to by replacement pieces as needed for your restaurant or catering business, rather than a full set of dining supplies, can save you money.

  • Mission Restaurant Supply
    Whether you own a bar, catering business, concession stand, hotel or a restaurant, we have the commercial restaurant equipment you need. Get deals on wholesale restaurant equipment in the Tallahassee area.
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    A restaurant supplies and equipment manufacturer sells everything from industrial ovens to dinning tables and chairs for restaurants, cafes, bars, and caterers at wholesale prices. Some manufacturers specialize in only baking supplies or restaurant dinning equipment, while others will carry a wide variety of food preparation and cooking products that can supply many types of restaurant kitchens.

    There are many items a restaurant wholesaler can offer an emerging business. A legitimate distributor should have all types of kitchen supplies for cooking, including pots and pans, stoves, ovens, glassware, and even ice machines. Also, you will need a wholesale manufacturer that can provide your dinning area with used tables and quality dishware for your patrons. A restaurant cannot function without these supplies!

    If you are embarking on a new catering business, you will need a variety of different supplies, from commercial portable stove-tops to a bar for serving your food to coolers for storing perishable food. Depending on how large you want your catering business to be, you may even need a distributor to supply you with wholesale tables.

    A new restaurant or catering business needs a lot of equipment to prepare the right food, so try seeking a manufacturer that will offer bulk discounts. This can make the supplies cheaper and help keep costs to a minimum.

    Don't forget about the food! When starting a new restaurant, you will need to seek a food distributor that can offer you quality food and wholesale prices. Ask around to various restaurants that are similar to yours to see which one is the best and freshest supplier in your area.