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Frequently Asked Questions About Publishers Periodical
Periodical publishers put out periodicals, which are newspapers, magazine, journals and catalogs that appear on a regular schedule. Whether published weekly or monthly periodicals can target a range of interests, from world news and literary pieces to entertainment and travel. Enlist the help of periodical publishers to print and sell periodicals. Here are some frequently asked questions about periodical publishers:

What Publication Market Do You Specialize In?
The size of the target publication market varies by the size and scope of the periodical publisher you’re considering. For example, you’ll find that many printing plants service the short (5,000-20,000) to medium run (20,000-60,000) publication market, featuring delivery of quality printed periodicals, such as magazines and newspapers, with quick turnaround times and cost efficient pricing.

What Can You Offer My Business?
Companies in the periodical publication business offer many services in an effort to increase efficiency for your business, from closed loop color management system and sheet-fed printing to binding and three-hole drilling. Additional services include co-mailing, on-site UV coating, destination drop shipping, full heat-set web printing and shrink wrapping. Be on the lookout for companies with systems that can streamline job submission, job status tracking, online collaboration and remote proofing.

Do You Offer the State of the Art Printing Presses to Better Meet My Business Needs?
Target large and experienced periodical publishers that feature the very latest technology in both advanced pre-press imaging systems and proprietary magazine software. This benefits your business, offering reduced title turnaround times, higher publication quality and a slash in overall magazine costs.

American Publishers
If you're looking to publish your own magazine, circular, or newspaper, you can find affordable services from our publishers. Providing exceptional periodical publishing services in the Tallahassee area.
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Florida Legal Periodicals Inc Write review for this local business
1641 Mahan Center Blvd, Tallahassee, FL 32308
(850) 224-6649  
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2417 Fleischmann Rd, Tallahassee, FL 32308
(850) 893-9624  
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1932 Miccosukee Rd, Tallahassee, FL 32308
(850) 878-0554  
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Tallahassee, FL 32317
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Judicial & Administrative Research Associates Inc Write review for this local business
1327 N Adams St, Tallahassee, FL 32303
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Family Forum Magazine & Radio Write review for this local business
516 Moss View Way, Tallahassee, FL 32312
(850) 894-4447  
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3427 Puckett Rd, Perry, FL 32348
(850) 584-4217  
Mascot Dalamatians Write review for this local business
4994 Cherry Rd, Sale City, GA 31784
(229) 336-0959  
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113 W Brookwood Dr Ste A, Valdosta, GA 31601
(229) 249-8624  
McKinney's Pet Lovers Food & Supply Co. Write review for this local business
2000 N Ashley St, Valdosta, GA 31602
(229) 247-8414  
Chancy Drugs (Valdosta) Write review for this local business
2333 N Ashley St, Valdosta, GA 31602
(229) 245-9922  
Chancy Drugs (Hahira) Write review for this local business
205 E Main St, Hahira, GA 31632
(229) 794-2750  
Chancy Drugs (Adel) Write review for this local business
800 N Parrish Ave, Adel, GA 31620
(229) 896-4564  
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453 Lakes Blvd, Lake Park, GA 31636
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Yates German Shepherds Write review for this local business
803 Highway 90, Chipley, FL 32428
(850) 596-2361  
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Dothan, AL 36303
(334) 794-9766  
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