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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Process Server
A process server is a professional agent who delivers or serves legal court documents and papers to parties involved in civil legal proceedings including subpoenas to testify in court and files and documents related to divorce. They are more than just a courier or messenger. Process servers should be knowledgeable of all of the rules and legislation related to process serving in your state and county. Otherwise, your legal case could be damaged. Here are some important questions to ask before you hire a process server.

  • Are you familiar with all of the law regarding process serving?
    Laws and regulations related to process servers vary widely by state and county. Find out if the agent you want to hire has all of the necessary training and licensing necessary to handle your case.

  • What can you do to search for an locate people?
    Many process servers will offer skip trace and other services to investigate and locate hard to find, private people, for an additional fee.

  • Are you willing to do surveillance to deliver a document?
    If you're dealing with a particularly contentious case or divorce, the process server might need to go undercover or perform surveillance to deliver the document. Find out if your agent is willing to go to such lengths. The additional support might be necessary to deliver a key subpoena to a witness that could win your case.

  • Do you have references?
    Ask the process server how long they have worked in the area and if they have any references. Finding the right agent could be crucial to winning your case.
  • National Assn. of Professional Process Servers
    High quality process servers with affordable rates can be hard to find, so let our nationwide association help! We provide the largest directory of process servers throughout the country for your convenience.
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    If you love costumes and solving mysteries, consider becoming a process server. A process server works kind of like an undercover agent, tracking down people and delivering documents.

    You might work for a law firm or the court to deliver these papers. The documents might be divorce files or a subpoena. A subpoena is a notice that people get when they are being charged with a crime.

    Your services are needed because the legal process requires that these documents be delivered in person, and many of the recipients try to hide. If the court can’t locate the recipient, they hire you to search for the person and deliver the papers. You are more like a private detective agent than a messenger. You often have to investigate and trace a person to serve them legal forms. Your work might involve cases that require surveillance or tracking.

    To become a process server, you need to work with a local agency. The laws in every area are different, so the requirements for delivering civil court documents may not be the same in New York as they are in California. Some places even require that you have a license. The agency that hires you will teach how to be a responsible courier, and will help you understand the requirements for everything from divorce papers to a subpoena.

    As a process server, you will provide lawyers, victims and the courts with much needed support. You will help track down the bad guys and bring them to justice while maintaining a career of which you can be proud.