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Printing Equipment Repair

There are plenty of repair technicians that specialize in printing equipment. This can be a challenging and exciting line of work to get involved with. In this field, you can expect to deal with various brands and models of inkjet and laser jet printers. You will need certain tools for this job, and as a service technician, you may have to visit a number of office buildings, press companies and residential homes to assist with color ink cartridges, machine repair, paper installation and replacement cables. You will also have to provide quotes on repairs and maintenance tasks at times.

There is some schooling and hands-on learning involved with this service technician line of work. After all, you will need to know a great deal about ink toners for laser printers, mechanical problems with large press printing machines, and offset printing tools. Offset printing involves transferring an image from a plate to a rubber blanket, and then to the actual printing surface. It is commonly used these days. You will also need to understand screen printing machines, which utilize a woven mesh material that supports an ink blocking stencil. Many of the machines and equipment you repair or fix are used to print books, scan documents, fax papers, and place designs on clothing. Therefore you can expect to deal with a lot of different equipment types and machine sizes.

In this line of work, you may have to deal with a variety of office workers, printing companies, and other businesses that use this kind of equipment.

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When choosing the best printing equipment repair service, research the company's background carefully, noting how long the company or professional has been in business, any affiliations, and contact information. Visit with a few professionals to find one that can meet your needs. Check out the company's physical location. Is the service local, national or international? Consider whether a printing equipment repair company you can visit in person is important to you, or whether an online company would suit you just fine. Get reviews and recommendations on each printing equipment repair company if possible. Keep in mind that printing equipment can include prepress machines, graphics machines, editing device machines, screen systems, tools, ink cartridge replacement or repair, color correction machines, cables, and laser and digital machines. Equipment and supplies occasionally need installation, exchange, fix or repair. When deciding how to find a printing equipment repair company, speak with several professionals to get a feel for the company. Are they courteous and on time? Do they reflect a positive business attitude? Make a detailed list of the services each one offers, such as automatic or manual processes. Get quotes, fees and costs in writing, as well as the project timeline. Take note of the company's availability, hours, and quality of service before choosing a professional. Ask what new or used equipment or parts will be used in the repairing of your machine, whether it involves a graphics application, prepress machine, or ink cartridge component. Once you've narrowed down your search, be sure to get all services, prices and quotes in writing, whether for installation, exchange, replace, fix or repairing services.