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FAQs about Piano Restoring, Tuning, and Refinishing
A classic grand piano not only produces beautiful music, it is also a work of excellent craftsmanship. If you are thinking about buying and restoring an older piano that needs some work, check out these commonly asked questions about piano restoration:

Is it worth it to restore my piano?
The answer depends on what kind of piano you have. Many modern pianos are made out of substandard plastic parts that don't hold up to restoration and refinishing work. Traditional pianos, on the other hand, were made by skilled craftsmen using quality parts, including real ivory for the piano keys. Chances are, if you have a piano made by a high-quality company like Steinway or Mason & Hamlin, then it is worth your time and money to restore.

How old is my piano?
Did you know that the parts on traditional pianos were built to last between 80 to 100 years? Unfortunately, because of handling and maintenance issues, not all pianos last this long before they need to be restored. To check how old your piano is, you first need to find the 5 to 6 digit serial number. Professional restorers can check the serial number with their records to find out how old your piano is.

How long does it take to restore a piano?
On average, between 12 to 16 weeks, or 2 to 3 months. Restoring a piano is serious work. The piano must be taken apart in the restorer's workshop, not in your home. The parts will be cleaned and refinished, while the piano itself will be expertly tuned. Parts that no longer function are replaced using the same quality materials as the original. The end result is an exceptional piano that blends the best of the old with the new.

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Technicians offer tuning, restoration, and refinishing for household, concert, and grand pianos. This is not a job everyone can handle. Most have high school diplomas and personalized training with a music shop. Experience with musical instruments is often required. Providers may work alone or for a small repair shop.

Tuners use specialized equipment. Plus, they need a trained ear to restore a string instrument, or spinet's sound. They tap the key and listening for the tone, pitch, and octave. Most have psychoacoustic skills allowing them to hear precise tones and octaves. Adjustments are made with a tuning pin until the sound quality is perfect for each key. Some use tuning forks to help them identify the ideal sound. If a string is stretched, the tuner replaces that string.

Technicians skillfully restore broken or damaged items on any upright string instrument. They fix loose pins, mend felt hammers and refinish wooden surfaces. Liquid damage is a common refinishing job. Technicians are able to perform restorations.

Installation experts specialize in setting up new stringed instruments. They bring the concert, grand, or regular instrument into your home or theater. The service providers ensure the instrument is where you want it and sounds great. The installation expert walks you though basic care and recommended maintenance schedules.

Pipe organs create sound through a system of blowers, reeds and pipes. Organ specialists study how these components work together. They can fix or replace worn parts. They also make adjustments to the reeds until the right pitch, note and octave is reached.

Electronic keyboards generally need few adjustments and technicians are available to fix wiring issues. They also replace worn or missing controls.

Choosing a service shop seems tricky. Ask around. Referrals and reviews ensure you find the best piano repair company.