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Questions to Ask About Mulches

Mulches of all kinds are used as garden fertilizer and to landscape yards. However, not all mulches are the same. For instance, there are natural organic mulches made from tree bark, leaves, and pine needles, as well as stone-based mulches made from gravel and pebbles. While some are suitable for vegetable gardens, others are more useful for tree and plant bases. A few questions are listed below that you should consider when shopping for a mulch product.

  • What is the mulch or compost made from?
    As you likely know, these fertilizers can be made from various materials, such as cedar chips, dried leaves, tree stump matter, and grinded up gravel. If you are using the mulch on a vegetable garden, you need to make certain it is safe.

  • Will this mulch keep weeds from growing?
    It is common for gardens and topsoil to accumulate weeds. Since most people do not want random weeds, compost and other products are used to suppress them. However, some wood and stone-based mulches work more effectively.

  • Do you have a mulch product that can be used on a playground?
    While many garden composts and fertilizers lock in moisture and nutrients for plants and flowers, playground mulches are generally made from colorful rubber or wooden bark materials. These are typically soft, and easy for kids to play on.

  • What is the price of the compost or fertilizer product?
    Using mulches and compost to landscape your yard and help your garden grow can vary in price. It is common for organic mulches to cost more than cheap compost products that have synthetic or chemical ingredients mixed in.

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    Garden stores sell mulch, fertilizer, and compost throughout the spring and summer for customers to make their landscapes thrive and produce beautiful flowers, tall trees, and healthy plants. Topsoil must maintain a certain level of moisture so plants stay healthy once the weather warms up. Mulch and compost typically need to be applied annually, while fertilizer may need a more frequent cycle.

    Tree stump, cedar, pine needles, and wood chips are a few organic mulches available at garden stores. Stones, gravel, and rubber are also available for walkways, gardens, and playgrounds. Garden stores offer mulch that is enriched with nutrients to promote healthy growth. Double grind and colored mulch are also available to choose from at many locations.

    Employees at garden stores often have taken agriculture courses or have grown up enjoying the hobby, and have learned over the years about the different types of mulches. Employees are available to help customers determine how much mulch, fertilizer, or compost they need for the size of their landscape.

    Garden stores have a wide range of supplies gardeners need. They help customers buy the plants, flowers, and vegetable seeds that are best suited to the type of soil and environment the area has. Once the garden has been made, customers are able to visit the store and choose bark, pine needles, rubber, or cedar mulch to load up in their vehicle to take home. Some stores may have the option of delivering large quantity of bark, wood chips, or gravel bags to the customer's home if they pay an additional fee.