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There are differences between a midwife, doula, obstetrician, gynecologist and ob/gyn. Midwives and doulas assist pregnant women in home delivery. Midwives handle the actual birth, while the doula provides emotional support and guidance to the expectant mother. The goal is to go through labor without any medicines or medical intervention. It's a process of letting nature take over.

An obstetrician and gynecologist work in a medical facility and must complete medical school. They specialize in the female reproductive system and becoming pregnant. An obstetrician specializes in prenatal care, childbirth and complicated or high risk deliveries. An ob/gyn covers all aspects of the reproductive system and delivery of your baby. The doctors and nurses also check the newborn's health during your hospital stay.

A midwife typically has some medical training, usually holding a nursing credentials. Doulas do not have the same training and only offer emotional support to an expectant mother. Requirements on licensing actually vary from state to state. They are not allowed to perform any surgical or complex technique, including cesarean sections, epidurals or medical treatments to induce labor. If your labor is complicated, they must consult a hospital. High blood pressure and twins are common reasons for why home deliveries do not happen.

The goal of a natural delivery is to avoid any drugs to ease pain. Lamaze breathing is one of the the natural methods they use. It's important to take Lamaze classes for a home delivery or water birth. Make your plan for a delivery and interview midwives to ensure they're comfortable with your plan. This helps you come up with the best choice for your baby's delivery.

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Choosing a midwife is a very important process for pregnant women. You need to find a midwife that you feel comfortable with, as the pregnancy, labor, delivery, postpartum and newborn stages are extremely private and wrought with emotion. You also need to find a midwife with the proper training, schooling and experience. To find the best midwife for you, do your research. Choose a few different midwives and get in touch with each one. Get contact information, availability, rates and services. Then ask to arrange a meeting. Some midwives operate out of their homes while others operate out of spas and other settings. When visiting with each midwife, consider the surroundings. Make sure the home or office is not only warm and inviting, but also clean and well maintained. You will know right away whether the midwife is a good fit for you once you chat awhile. Make sure your philosophies about pregnancy and labor gel together. When choosing the midwife for you, research the midwife's background carefully, noting how long she has been a midwife, if she has ever been pregnant herself, any affiliations, any obstetrician or OB/GYN training, experience with high risk pregnancies, home birth experience, cesarean section experience, and contact information. If you are expecting twins or multiple births, ask if this is something the midwife can handle. After finding a midwife you like, work out a delivery and birth plan, taking into consideration unexpected emergencies, such as the need for a NICU for newborn care complication. New parents, both husband and expecting mother, should be on board with a particular midwife, all working together to make the pregnancy and birth of the newborn baby a memorable one. Inquire about Lamaze classes that teach natural birth, possibility of epidurals, relaxing positions, episiotomies, and need to induce.