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What to Ask a Leak Detecting Service

Even the smallest of leaks in your plumbing can cause water damage to your home and require prompt fixing. Unfortunately, leaks are often difficult to find and, as such, you may need to hire a professional leak detection service to assist you. When speaking with potential leak detecting services, keep these questions in mind to help you locate the best professional in your area.

  • In what type of leak detection do you specialize?
    Services often specialize in locating specific types of leaks, such as those in plumbing or foundations. Some companies work exclusively in finding and repairing leaks in pools, while others focus on utility clients, such as water and sewer companies.

  • What is your success rate?
    A professional leak detection service should be able to provide you with statistics about how many leaks they have repaired. Ask specifically how many jobs they've completed that were similar to the problem you're experiencing to ensure you find someone knowledgeable in the field.

  • How do you repair problems with pool leaks?
    Many different approaches exist to fixing leaks in swimming pools once they are located. Look for a specialist that uses pipe systems to repair cracks and holes in swimming pools instead of requiring excavations. This type of pool leak repair is much less costly than the alternative and not all specialists are qualified to do it.

  • Can you assist me with filing a claim to my homeowner's insurance?
    Look for a leak detection service that will photograph the affected areas and that are willing to provide written reports about the extent of the damage and their testing methods. This will save you time and help streamline the claims process if you decide to seek reimbursement for the problem from your property insurance.

    American Leak Detection Write review for this local business
    Tallahassee, FL 32306
    (850) 224-5325  
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    2205 Branbury Ln, Tallahassee, FL 32308
    (850) 222-4626  
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    4557 Capital Cir NW, Tallahassee, FL 32303
    (850) 562-2600  
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    Panama City, FL 32461
    (850) 769-2681  
    Gulf Coast Leak Detection Write review for this local business
    Panama City, FL 32461
    (850) 303-1542  

    If you are interested in plumbing, consider starting your own leak detection service. In this position, you will find and repair water and gas leaks.

    On a given day, you might work on anything from a pool or spa drain, to a sewer. You might fix the plumbing in a client’s bathroom if water is pooling under their sink. Maybe you’ll follow a crack in the wall to find and fix a toilet pipe. You could even help save lives by repairing hazardous gas leaks such as helium and propane.

    Your clients will be grateful for your services because you are saving them money in the long run. If you detect a leak early, you might save the concrete slabs of their home’s foundation. Your ability to stop a leak with a vacuum valve might drastically lower their utility bill.

    You don’t need a formal or higher education for a career in leak detection. To start a leak detection service, you should have a background in plumbing. This usually comes from an apprenticeship where another plumber teaches you how to survey for leaks and test for holes. You will learn about water and gas tanks, and even about customer service.

    If you are good at your job and offer reasonable rates, your customers will welcome you with open arms. A career in leak detection is not only one that can bring you a notable income, it is one that lets you help others. You will provide a valuable service and can be proud of your accomplishments.