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Golf is a popular sport, one that requires extensive practice. From the strength of the stroke required to tee off and hit the ball extensive distances, to the subtle putt that is required to sink the ball in the hole, a great deal of energy goes into playing the game well. For individuals who may need some extra practice, there are golf driving ranges.

In order for these driving ranges to run efficiently, there are many employees that work in the background. One of the people that work at a golf driving range is the gardener. At both a driving range and course, the gardener ensures that the lawn is well manicured, the green is kept in perfect condition, and even goes so far as to collect stray balls across the fairway. Gardeners are even more imperative to outdoor ranges over indoor ones.

A golfing instructor is a more visible employee that works directly with the customers. Most instructors are required to take a certification course, though there are several advanced levels of certification available. Only the most basic level of certification is required to work at a driving range, where students will need instruction to help them practice their swing or offer more specific training techniques. If it is a dual course and range, instructors will need more extensive expertise. They need to help their students play a more advanced game, and be able to explain the sport thoroughly.

Another important person is the equipment store employee. This person may not have specific training under their belt, but is generally required to have a working knowledge of clubs, bags, and assorted accessories. They may even be able to offer pointers on golf cart rentals that come at cheaper rates.

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5248 Clubhouse Dr, Marianna, FL 32446
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3634 Country Club Blvd, Chipley, FL 32428
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When deciding how to choose a golf driving range, narrow your search down to ranges that offer what you need, whether as part of an 18-hole golf resort, or as part of an entertainment center that offers mini golf and ice cream. The best way to check out a golf driving range is simply to try a few. Call some ranges to get location, hours, and cost per bucket of balls. Some golf practice facilities operate within a large golf course resort, while others are stand-alone facilities. Visit a few driving ranges, whether at a public or private golf course, to check out the layout. Inquire whether the golf pro on site offers lessons and courses where you could learn the sport a bit more, and improve your game's swing and stroke. Try your hand at some golf—swing and hit the balls out into the field. Get a feel for the atmosphere, the practice facilities, and the clubs, which can include putters, pitching wedges, sand wedges, drivers, woods, and nine irons in various brands. Inquire about sponsorship information, lessons, and hours of game practice facilities. Is the driving range part of an entertainment center that offers miniature golf as well? Or is it a stand-alone practice facility? Is the sport complex designed for both amateurs and professionals alike? Is the golf driving range neat and well maintained? Ask whether the company is part of a local, national or international entity, with any affiliations. Inquire whether the company has a website you can check out for additional course information. When choosing a golf driving range, research each company's reputation in the business, making sure the range offers the practice facilities you want at a competitive price.