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There is a wide variety of drainage system problems homeowners run into throughout the years. These issues include flooding in the basement, cracks in the foundations, and large wet areas in your yard. The following questions can help you determine if you need the help of a professional drainage contractor.

  • Why do my drains empty so slowly?
    This plumbing problem could be caused by multiple things. One of the most common reasons is buildup of hair and soap scum on the wall of your pipes. This slows the flow of water, but can be easily fixed by clearing the debris.

  • My neighbor’s land is higher than mine. What can I do about the surface water pooling in my yard?
    A trench can make a big difference in the amount of standing water in your yard. By placing a drain pipe in this sloped area, the water will naturally find its way to the area. If the amount of water is immense, consider hiring a contractor for site grading, which will raise the elevation of your property.

  • What is regular maintenance for a septic tank?
    You should get your tank pumped every 2 to 3 years to avoid buildup and overflow. Although a septic tank can last between 20-30 years, the steel and concrete start to deteriorate as soon as they are put in the ground so they are often replaced soon than that. You can slow the deterioration process by limiting the amount of salt and chemicals used in the plumbing.

  • What should I do if my sewer system backs up?
    The financial responsibility may not be on your shoulders alone. A professional can assess the damage and figure out if the problem was caused by your upstream neighbors. Some local governments will burden the bill, but it depends where you live.
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    Drainage contractors need to employ professionals who have significant experience with sewer pipes, waterproofing, and septic systems. Since some of the drainage contractors focus on different types of services for homes, businesses, farms, and landscapes, they tend to hire workers who have the most experience in certain areas.

    Reliable drainage contractors need inspectors that can survey land, basements, decks, roofs, and foundations to recognize potential problems. These inspectors might have experience with land surveying that enables them to spot areas where flooding waters might create a habitable environment for mosquitoes. Some of them will also have experience in construction that helps them identify foundation cracks that are caused by the concrete's swelling and shrinking when water penetrates its barriers.

    After an inspector has investigated the lawns, foundations, and landscapes, he or she will instruct trained workers how to correct the problem. Some of the repairs are fairly simple. For instance, installing new roof gutters and downspouts can redirect water away from the foundation. In other cases, though, the workers might need to perform more complex services. Underground sewer systems can have complicated pipe networks. Workers will often need to know how to use construction machines, such as backhoes, without slipping into flooded areas. This can allow them to access clogged pipes and remove standing water.

    After the repairs have been completed, the drainage contractors should give homeowners instructions to look for any future signs of flooding or run-off. Even when the companies try to prevent future problems by waterproofing basement floors and installing new drains, it is always possible that these solutions will not completely solve the problem. Companies should, therefore, employ managers who can teach people to recognize signs of damage in their houses.