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Professionals that work in the industrial cleaning business are usually janitors. This type of janitorial service can be interesting to get involved with with many opportunities across the nation to move on up. Depending on the company or service you work for, you may have to handle anything from high pressure power washing systems, to tanks or small containers of chemical cleaners, to water solutions, to steam cleaners for carpets and rugs. This can be a challenging line of work at times, and you may have to deal with both commercial buildings and industrial facility locations on a regular basis.

You will need the proper training skills and know-how in order to properly work with the industrial cleaning industry. This way you will be able to safely and properly handle dry ice blasters that spray a solid form of carbon dioxide onto a surface to remove heavy debris. You will also need to manage carpet disinfectant solutions, sand blaster tools, duct cleaning and repair equipment, and steam solutions for hard floors. The rates you demand will vary depending on the job you tackle. For instance, one client may get a discount for providing you with so much work. Other surfaces you will have to address in this line of industrial work include windows, air vents, and large containers. It all just depends on the company you work for, and the job task you are working on.

As a professional industrial cleaner or janitor, you can expect to work with a number of clients from residential and commercial buildings. Many of which will need you to power or pressure wash certain surfaces. Be sure to make sure all of their needs are met with the best possible results in thorough cleaning.

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