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Important Terms to Know About Ice Sculptors
Ice sculptors, professionals who sculpt ice for a living, are skilled in all areas of this profession. They start with large blocks of ice and use special tools, such as brushes and grinders, as well as larger pieces of equipment like chainsaws to mold the ice into various forms. Many people hire them for New Years Eve celebrations, weddings and birthdays. These ice artists can carve intricate and elaborate patterns into blocks of ice to create just about anything for any event. There are some important terms to keep in mind when considering ice sculptors for your next event.

Scratchy Boards: Used to provide a level of texture to any carving, these small blocks of wood feature several sharp nails sticking out of the end.

Sphere Maker: A tool that creates perfect circles in the ice.

Layout Jigs: Tools that help in the creation of parallel lines.

Ice Tongs: Two handled tongs used to grasp large blocks of ice. They are quite similar to salad tongs, but feature broader grippers and pointed ends to stick into blocks of ice for security.

Channel Luge: Also called an ice luge, this refers to a large sculpture with a track cut into the ice to allow for the flow of liquid.

Cold Ice: Ice that is dry to the touch and that is not wet.

Glassing: The act of heating up the ice to clear and smooth it to resemble crystal.

Ice Bar: This could refer either to one block of ice, or a free-standing bar made of ice used for serving drinks and snacks.

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Becoming an ice sculptor can be a wonderful choice for many women and men who enjoy carving decorative pieces from large blocks of ice. In this line of work, artists often work with centerpieces and frozen exhibits for major weddings, hotel restaurants, and holiday party events. This can be a very exciting and lucrative field for the right individuals. Many artists in this business present their work to clients all over the country. However, it is important to understand that the ice sculpting process must take place in the snow or a frigid setting, such as a walk-in freezer.

Molding and sculpting a large block of ice into a themed centerpiece is not as easy as it may seem. This is why professionals in this line of work have to complete a certain type of art schooling before getting started professionally. The key is to cater to the specific needs of each client. While one individual may need a large frozen bar for a grand wedding display, another person may insist on a custom luge for a fun party event. Some ice sculptures you create may be intended for liquor, like vodka, to run down them. These frozen centerpieces chill alcoholic drinks so that there is no need for ice in the drinks themselves.

You may have to work with a number of clients as an ice carving sculptor or artist. Depending on where you work and your level of expertise, the fees you charge for your services may vary. Just keep in mind that this is a highly sought after skill.