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Wicker Furniture Care Tips
Having wicker furniture requires certain care and cleaning, and some helpful tips are provided below to assist you with this:

Tip #1: Maintain even humidity to preserve antique wicker
Antique wicker can be sensitive, and low humidity levels in your home can cause old wicker to become dry and brittle over time. Therefore a medium level of humidity is required to help preserve antique wicker furniture. This moisture will keep the material stronger and more resilient. However, it is also important to avoid high levels of humidity, since this can lead to mildew and mold forming on the wicker. A dehumidifier can help you maintain optimal humidity indoors, if you live in a hot and humid area.

Tip #2: Dust wicker furniture on a regular basis
Regardless of whether your wicker chair, dining table, or bench is indoors or outdoors, it is subject to dust. Because this type of patio furniture has countless crevices, it collects a great deal of dirt and debris between the open-weave patterns. Fortunately you can use a feather duster and vacuum cleaner with nozzle attachment to thoroughly clean these tables, chairs, and baskets. This will keep them more suitable for use.

Tip #3: A detergent solution or ammonia can be used on wicker
Sometimes wicker swings, outdoor furniture, and garden furniture gets very dirty from the elements. When a vacuum cleaner will not suffice, you can combine a gallon of water with two tablespoons of detergent or ammonia. Use a dampened rag or cloth to thoroughly wipe down the wicker items with this solution. Afterward, be sure to rinse the furniture well with a garden hose, and leave it in the sun to dry off.

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Wicker furniture can add a rustic touch to a home or garden. A variety of wicker items are available for the patio, dining room, and even bedroom. Before purchasing your piece or set, there are a few questions you should know the answers to.

  • What is wicker, anyway?
    Understanding how your furniture is made makes you aware of what it can withstand. Wicker is not a material but rather the way in which a material is crafted into an object. Wicker refers simply to the weaving of materials into, most commonly, furniture or baskets. Typically, the tighter the weave, the stronger the piece.

  • What is wicker furniture made of?
    Knowing what your wicker furniture is made of is important in knowing how to properly care for it. Most wicker products are made of rattan, but some may simply have a rattan frame with bamboo or straw formed around it. Some wicker furniture, usually meant for a patio or lawn, may be made of synthetic materials. Be sure to ask so you know how to interact with the piece.

  • How do I clean my wicker furniture?
    Wicker furniture care varies depending on the material it is made of. All wicker items should be dusted regularly, but the process by which you thoroughly clean the piece will change depending on its composition. The same rule applies for varnishing, painting, or applying wax.

  • Is my wicker furniture safe outdoors?
    Generally speaking, most wicker furniture will not be safe outdoors in inclement weather. Since they are woods, rattan and bamboo can mold. The store or individual selling you furniture can tell you if your wicker furniture is made of a synthetic material that is safe to leave outside. If you are overly concerned, keep your wicker item in a bedroom or living room rather than outdoors.