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Important Terms to Know About Woodwork Refinishing
Woodwork refinishing is performed on cabinets, flooring and furniture by woodworking specialists and carpenters. Their areas of expertise may include stripping, repairing, restoring, distressing and coating wood to bring it back to life. If you are considering refinishing your woodwork, such as kitchen cabinets or dining room flooring, hire a professional to provide the service. This will probably save you money compared to the alternative, which is to replace the entire woodwork structure. The following are some important terms about woodwork refinishing:

Furniture Wax: Applied directly to wood furniture, providing a protective coating. All you have to do it rub it on with a light steel wool or cloth, then buff it out to shine.

Varnish: A transparent, hard, protective finish that is designed to protect wood from everyday use. Its glossy texture is a mixture of resin, thinner and solvent that has no pigment. This is in direct contrast to stains, which do provide a shade of color to wood.

Stripper: Applied to furniture featuring several layers of paint, which goes a long way toward melting the paint away so you can easily chip or scrape it off. You can then start over on your refinishing project from scratch with a clean slate.

Stain: A colorant within a solvent that is brushed over wood, designed to accent the wood grain. However, it tends to fade over time and require re-application every once in awhile.

Lacquer Finish: Provides a durable, clear, waterproof finish, derived from resins and available in a brush or spray-on application.
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Woodwork refinishing is a task that requires time, patience, and close attention to detail. However, it is a job that can be performed by a number of individuals, from the trained professional, to the skilled handyman, to the determined do-it-yourselfer.

The most common person you will find working in this trade is the carpenter. There are many types of carpenters, from cabinet makers to carpenters that work more in a construction capacity. Most carpenters undergo a type of apprenticeship to hone their skills, and after years of study, are able to use the carpenter title. At the end of their training, most carpenters also have to undergo a test in their area of focus to ensure the quality of their skills. Depending on the country, this may be more arduous. A carpenter may be the most qualified person you can find to help repair old kitchen cabinets, or restore antique furniture to its former glory. They have more tools than the average individual, and have been trained in what types of glazes, stains and topcoats look best on each type of wood. Carpenters are great to work with for custom projects like distressing wood or applying a new varnish, to update the look of your home to something more modern, or to help restore the kitchen to a more traditional look.

For those who want to take on their home improvement projects without hiring outside help, they can find out information on sanding, staining, and refinishing their own furniture or hardwood floors online, in home improvement magazines, or asking questions at the local hardware store. They can then work on stripping lacquer or paint from the piece, applying some type of faux finish, or simply coating it in a laminate paint to preserve the natural look.