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Terms Relating to Water Treatment Equipment and Supplies
The following are some terms you may come across while dealing with water treatment equipment and supplies:

Activated Carbon: Activated carbon, also known as activated charcoal, is a common substance used in water treatment equipment. An organic material, like coconut shells or wood, is heated without air to produce a useable cellulose substance. Since activated carbon is porous, it is particularly effective as a filtering agent.

Coagulation: Coagulation is a water treatment process. Coagulants are water treatment supplies that will turn gelatinous when added to water. This gelatinous substance attracts small particles that are present in the water, turning them into larger particles. This makes removal, via filtration or settling, of the particles easier.

Distillation: Distillation is a water treatment technique that involves boiling the water until it is a vapor. The vapor is then allowed to cool and turn back into liquid, leaving dirt and impurities behind. In order to effectively purify water for drinking, the distillation process must be repeated several times.

Ion: An ion is one atom, or a collection of atoms, that has a distinctly negative or position charge. This negative or position charge is obtained through the removal or addition of electrons. Ion exchangers are often used in water treatment.

Leakage: In water treatment, leakage is how much contamination water still contains following filtering or processing. Leakage can also refer to how much hardness water still has after softening has been completed.

Neutralization: Neutralization is adding an acid or a base to a substance, making the substance neutral. Neutralization of the acid level of water aids in water purifying and treatment.

Osmosis: Osmosis is the process by which a substance, like water, is allowed to pass through a somewhat penetrable membrane. The membrane removes waste and other impurities from the substance. Reverse osmosis is a similar method of water treatment.

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With over 30 years of experience, our water treatment experts have worked with clogged sludge, sewage waste, bacteria buildup, sanitation disinfection and more. Fully licensed and certified.
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There are professionals that work with water treatment equipment and supplies for a living. While some experts sell this type of equipment, others install it in homes and businesses. Then there are professionals that work for water treatment company facilities and purification plants. For the right individuals, this can be a very exciting and rewarding line of work. However, you will need to know your way around purifier systems for residential homes, osmosis equipment used to pull waste and sludge from water, as well as chemicals that are used to clean and disinfect city water supplies.

There is usually a certain degree of training involved for technicians in this field. For instance, if you work at a water treatment plant or sanitation facility, you will need to know how to handle specific osmosis systems, water filters, and equipment used to recycle or disinfect sewage waste. It is often necessary to extract bacteria from water, while leaving minerals in. It is your job to make sure water is sanitary for drinking and for everyday bathing or cleaning uses. You may also have to deal with effluent waste, or sewage that is discharged into seas and rivers. This can be a delicate process that requires certain treatment equipment and supplies to use.

If you sell water treatment products to homeowners, you will need to answer a variety of questions regarding how well these products purify water, and what substances they take out. You can expect to deal with a lot of individuals and families in this line of work.