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A bird can be a beautiful pet that brings song, fun and love to your house. Popular pet bird species are parrots, cockatoos, and parakeets. Different species will have different behaviors and temperaments making it important to do research before buying a bird at a pet store. Here are some questions to ask when considering a bird as your next pet.

  • What pet bird species will fit my budget?
    Although exotic birds are very alluring, some birds require much more specialized and expensive care than others. For example, lorie birds must be feed a specialized diet of nectar and fruit by eye drop which can be timely and costly. Alternatively a canary or cockatoo is happy being feed simply seeds. Remember that birds are mammals and therefore you house should be kept in 65-80 degree Fahrenheit range unless told otherwise by an animal professional.

  • What accessories will I need to buy for my bird?
    Birds need a cage, toys for entertainment and care. Some species require special diets while others will need larger cages so they have space to fly as though in the wild. Some song birds even appreciate music to listen to when their owner is away.

  • How else are birds used in society besides as pets?
    Birds have great cultural significance in many countries as well states and are used for a variety of purposes including meat, eggs and simply to be left in the wild to conserve nature. States in the USA even designate a particular bird as a state bird to symbolize the wildlife and nature of the area. Birds are mammals that evolved from the dinosaurs and have been on this planet for centuries therefore they are animals that many people work to protect and conserve around the world.
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    Stores selling items that interest bird watchers, hunters, and owners need experienced employees that are familiar with different types of wild and domesticated breeds of birds. A pet store needs employees that can help customers choose the appropriate type of feed for their pet birds. These employees might need to know about the different types of seeds and other foods enjoyed by species such as canaries, cockatoos, parrots, cockatiels, and parakeets.

    In addition to knowing what types of seeds and other foods a canary will enjoy, pet store workers should also know what types of cages and toys will work best for each type of bird. Cages come in a variety of sizes, so employees should know how big the birds will get as they mature. That way the owners can purchase a size appropriate cage as well as seed and feed.

    Some stores also have nesting houses, feeders, and other items for wild birds for sale. Although they might not be there for pets, many people visit these stores to buy the supplies that they need to care for wild songbirds.

    Employees that work for sporting good stores might not need to know what types of seed pet birds eat, but they might need to know how to help customers choose bird identification books that include information about flying style, wing shape, feather colors, and songs. Oddly enough, many sporting good stores employees might not know much about the houses and foods of common wild birds such as finches. They may know more about the exotic species that hunters and birdwatchers pay attention to.