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Boston Shaker: Boston shakers have two parts – a metal shaker and a glass or plastic mixing glass. The two parts can be overlapped to shake beverages, or they can be used separately for stirring or muddling.

Citrus Zester: Citrus zesters are used for making lemon twists and other cocktail garnishes. They are specially designed to cut and curl the fruit, and they are safer to use than knives.

Jigger: A jigger is a small tool, like a shot glass, that is used to measure alcohol. Most jiggers are dual sided, having different measurements on either side. For instance, a jigger could measure one ounce of liquid on one side and two ounces of liquid on the other side.

Muddler: Muddlers resemble a pestle. They have a flattened end and a handle. Muddlers are made for squashing fruit and other solids into a pulp or powder.

Spouts: Pouring spouts are placed on liquor bottles once the original cap has been removed. These handy tools regulate the pouring speed, making spills less likely. Some spouts will measure a pour. These spouts have ball bearings that only allow the pouring of one shot at a time.

Strainer: Strainers are used for separating solids, such as fruit seeds, from a liquid. The most common one is a Hawthorne strainer, which has a metal plate and a straining portion that resembles a spring. Strainers usually fit over shakers and some shakers have strainers built into them.

Wine Key: A wine key is an evolved corkscrew. A wine key has a corkscrew, plus a metal portion that is set on the top of the bottle to help ease the cork out. Many wine keys also have beer bottle openers.

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Billiards & Barstools of South Bay
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15700 Hawthorne Blvd, Lawndale, CA 90260
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"This is by far my favorite store. They have everything for the home gameroom. I always wanted a Brunswick pool table and now I have one, thanks to Billiards and Barstools. The staff was extremely knowledgable, and I would highly recommend B&B to anyone looking to furnish a gameroom. GREAT STORE !! ..."
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If you've decided to host your own large-scale party rather than having it catered or using a banquet hall, you'll need to be sure you have access to certain items. Specifically, if your party will include an open bar, mini or otherwise, be sure to ask yourself the following questions before you start planning. Access to certain equipment, furniture, and restaurant supplies will be crucial for success.

  • Do you have a preexisting bar area?
    If you already have a home bar, you're one step ahead. Otherwise, consider how you might simply use a table to create a bar area. Other bar fixtures like the stool, for example, will likely be unnecessary.

  • Will you have access to refrigeration or power?
    Ice is a major component to tending bar. Not only will it keep your beer and perishables cold, but you'll need it for making most of your mixed drinks. A plastic portable cooler will likely not be sufficient, so consider how you can refrigerate your goods with rented equipment or even a dry ice fixture.

  • What will you be serving?
    Pay close attention when planning your bar menu. Creating a fully stocked bar will be expensive. Therefore, consider choosing select wine and liquor. Getting a keg or mini keg, as opposed to bottled beer, will also save you space and money.

  • Do you have proper training?
    While pouring a shot into a shaker might not look very difficult, there's a lot to know about drink mixing. If you cannot find an experienced bartender to hire for your event, be sure to leave a bartending recipe book close by. It will be an invaluable tool.

  • Will you rent glassware?
    Making drinks for even fifty guests would exhaust most people's personal supply of glassware. Shop around to get the best quote on glassware rental for your party.