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Important Terms to Know About Conveyors and Conveying Equipment
When deciding on the right conveyors and conveying equipment for your business, it helps to know the important terms associated with this industry. Conveyor systems are used in many applications, from airport security and material handling to commercial toasters and assembly lines. Using a series of pulleys, belts and rolls, conveyors transfer items from one place to another in one continuous, non-stop, smooth motion. Peruse the following terms when considering the purchase of conveyor systems.

Drag Chain: Designed to guide conveyor belts or pneumatic hoses to automated machinery. Not only do they cut down on wear and stress, they also prevent entanglement. Heavy-duty steel drag chains in particular are meant for highly abrasive and high temperature applications.

Ball Transfer Conveyor: This type of conveyor works via a variety of balls for smooth rolling and transporting, usually made from steel. These ball transfers come in many different sizes and types, such as pipe mount, round mount, stud mount, spring mount, and disk mount.

Roller Conveyor Systems: Comprised of parallel rollers attached to a metal frame supported at set spots. Often used in warehouses for moving packages and boxes, this type of conveyor works by gravity on a slight incline. Industry sizes typically include 12, 18, 24 and 36 foot conveyor systems.

Skatewheel Systems: Lighter and more economical than a roller conveyor, skatewheel systems feature a series of nylon, steel or aluminum wheels rather than rollers. They are quite portable, allowing for easy reconfiguration. Often used for post packaging in food distribution or shipping and receiving.

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A conveyor belt is a great way of handling large amounts materials in a variety of spaces. Warehouse and mining managers who handle complex operations are often flummoxed by this deceptively simple piece of equipment. Here are a few commonly asked questions about conveying equipment.

  • Are there any options for a manual conveyor system or all they all machine powered?
    Both gravity and machine powered conveyer belts are available for most industries.

  • Can a system be designed that moves material in a number of directions and locations?
    Yes, systems can be designed to transfer materials from one set of rollers to another based on need. This type of belt can be found in large warehouses or distribution centers.

  • What sort of replacement parts should be kept on hand to keep conveyor equipment in proper working order?
    Though the entire system can be quite complex, most conveyance equipment is comprised of rollers, a belt and not much else. Basic maintenance and repair, such as oiling the rollers, can usually be done in house. Bigger repair jobs will likely require an outside contractor.

  • Can this equipment be moved or is it stationary?
    Some conveyance systems are built on wheels and casters so that they can be easily moved. This is especially handy when transferring inventory from the truck to the sales floor.

  • What types of material can be moved on conveying equipment?
    Conveyance equipment can be designed to fit almost any industry. Whether its handling large pieces of freight or fine raw materials, conveyance systems can be tweaked to move almost anything.