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Plumbing and drain cleaning can be a very busy field to get involved with. While there are many men and women employed in this line of work, there is always room for more, especially since there are plenty of plumbing contractors and drain cleaning experts needed all over the United States. These professionals often deal with blocked toilets, clogged water lines, and broken pipes that require repair. As a plumber, you will typically work on both residential homes and commercial office buildings. As far as income goes, this generally depends on your experience, competition in your area, and location.

There is no reason to acquire a bachelor's degree if you are in the business of drain cleaning. However, you will need to train under a licensed plumbing contractor, or go through a drain cleaning course. In this field, you will often have to work with wrenches, plumbing tools, plungers, and pipe snake devices. As you may be aware, contractors and experts in this business commonly work on sewer tanks, storm drains, jetted tubs, toilets, and kitchen sinks. While many of these fixtures are encountered at residential home locations, others are at commercial buildings. It is important that you know how to properly repair the drain on a washing machine, as well as remove the waste from a clogged sewer pipe or blocked water line.

In this business, you will work daily with countless residential homeowners. You may have to deal with a number of commercial office building managers at times as well.
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One thing to be sure of when finding a plumber is to hire a professional, someone certified and experienced at what they do. Plumbing, whether as part of a commercial or residential building, involves strict safety codes regarding water and sewage pipe systems. Whether have a sink drain clog, a drain in need of cleaning, or piping that needs to be installed, be sure to hire an experienced plumbing drain and sewer cleaning company or contractor, preferably someone who was referred to you by a friend. Contact a few different plumbers and general contractors to get hours, location, rates, availability, and specialty. Different plumbers and general contractors may specialize in different areas of plumbing drain and sewer cleaning, such as installation of piping systems and fixtures, and basic services to showers, sinks, kitchen faucets, and other related parts. Plumbing drain and sewer companies focus on unclogging and repairing drains and sewers. They use equipment such as a snake line to unclog backed up pipes, as well as various chemicals, tools and machine systems. Specialized machines can help with pumping out sewer waste, cleaning of a drain, or a clogged sink. Do your research online to get an idea of price ranges for services; find a local plumber or plumbing drain and sewer cleaning companies near you; look up drain and sewer waste cleaning tips; find out how to repair, fix or unclog pipe problems yourself; see what clogged drains and pipes look like; research what can clog a drain, and view plumbing products, supplies, tools, and chemicals to help with your unclogging needs. When wondering how to choose a plumbing professional, ask for references and inquire if the he or she has any affiliations as well.