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Common Terms About Refrigeration Equipment
Refrigeration equipment is most commonly used in homes and restaurant kitchens for the preservation of perishable foodstuffs, but is also essential in laboratories, hospitals, warehouses or any facility that needs humidity control or temperature regulation. Here is some common refrigeration terminology:

Cyclic Refrigeration: The thermodynamic process wherein a refrigerant gas such as Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) is evaporated and condensed in repeating cycles, pulling heat from the atmosphere and cooling the ambient air.

Non-Cyclic Refrigeration: The refrigeration process wherein cooling is achieved through the melting of ice or frozen carbon dioxide (dry ice). This is the principle behind the cooling abilities of portable ice chests and coolers.

Magnetic Refrigeration: Refrigeration technology that uses a magnetic field to force refrigerant gas into a state of decreased entropy, thus causing the refrigerant gas to expel heat. The heat is then absorbed by a heat sink, which has its thermal contact removed, insulating the system, and the magnetic field is then turned off. The heat capacity of the refrigerant is increased, and its temperature is decreased below that of the heat sink.

Thermoelectric Refrigeration: A system that uses a current of electrical energy to transmit heat from one side of a heat pump to another, decreasing the temperature on one side of the pump. The heat on the other side is then absorbed by a heat sink.

Cryogenics: The study of extremely low temperatures; how to produce them and how different materials react at those temperatures. Cryogenic principles are applied in the long distance transportation of foodstuffs and at blood banks. Cryonics is the field of cryogenically preserving living organisms with the intent of reviving them.

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All Temp Refrigeration
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9702 Tanqueray Ct, Redding, CA 96003
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"this company does not stand behind its work. poorly supervised dispatcher and technicians. Billing practices unethical. Buyer Beware. ..."
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3500 Leonard St, Redding, CA 96002
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A number of professionals work as refrigeration equipment installation and repair experts. In this line of work, you can certainly expect to work around a variety of deep freezers for restaurants, ice makers, commercial grade walk in freezers, residential home refrigerators, and other machines and systems used to keep foods at cooler temperatures. This is a very important business, and countless restaurant and bar owners, catering business operators, homeowners, and industrial workers count on freezer and refrigeration units. While you may have to handle equipment installation at times, you may have to repair or replace used refrigerators at other times.

There is some on-the-job training that pertains to this line of work. After all, you will need to understand refrigerator or cooler installation, as well as equipment parts like valves, air compressors, and cooling systems. For instance, a bakery may need your assistance with a walk in freezer that needs to be fixed. You may also need to assist a restaurant with an ice machine, or a residential homeowner with a major refrigeration appliance. As a technician in this line of work, you will often need to assess certain machines and refrigeration systems, and then acquire specific parts to fix them. Some customers may also ask for information on refrigerator and freezer rental units. These are another option that some businesses and restaurants consider.

When you work in this business, you may encounter a number of different residential homeowners, as well as commercial restaurant managers, industrial business workers, and bakery owners at times.