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What to Ask about Ponds and Pond Supplies

An indoor or outdoor water-filled pond can add a touch of serenity and natural beauty to a garden, home or business. When you're contemplating having a pond installed or building one yourself, it's vital that you find a reputable specialist to perform the installation or help you select and purchase the necessary supplies. As you meet with dealers, keep these questions in mind as you discuss options for ponds or combination pond-fountains.

  • If you install my pond, what do I need to do to prepare my garden or interior space before you arrive?
    Some pond specialists will excavate your backyard for your pond, while others may require you to have a landscaper or contractor excavate the area ahead of time. For indoor ponds, the specialist may ask you to cover the area surrounding the pond with plastic or drop cloths.

  • Do you install or sell the equipment for pond fountains and waterfalls?
    If you wish to have a waterfall or fountain added to your pond, you'll need to purchase a pump. Many of these pumps also contain filters to help keep your pond clean.

  • Do you carry fish?
    When selecting koi or other fish for your pond, look for those that are cultivated or farm-raised, ensuring that they are free of parasites and diseases. Never use wild-caught fish in a pond.

  • What supplies do you carry?
    In addition to liners and pumps, you'll also need to purchase chemicals to help maintain the pH of the water and to control algae. You may also want to purchase a vacuum to help remove debris from the water.

  • Do you install pond lighting? Depending on where you live, a special license might be necessary to install landscape lights, meaning that not all specialists may be able to offer the service.
  • National Association of Pond Professionals
    Make sure you get the highest quality supplies for your pond from the professional services in our association. Our pond contractors and pond supplies retailers are among the best in the business.
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    Some pond supply stores hire employees that visit homes and work with customers to design and construct a pond in their garden. Construction of indoor and outdoor ponds must be carefully done to keep costs down while maintaining fish and plant life. With proper lighting, ponds can be enjoyed during the day and night.

    Pond kits are offered in supply stores for customers that want to do the work themselves. Stores sell pumps, filters, liners, and vacuums that reduce the amount of algae a pond collects. Customers that want special features for their aquascape can also decide to construct a waterfall or install a fountain. Stores that sell pond supplies help their customers by teaching them how to take care of any Koi fish they have in their pond. Sales people can also offer advice on which types of plants the fish prefer and how to keep the water free of unwanted algae.

    Backyard landscapes must be maintained by homeowners. Many pond supply stores offer discounts on pumps, filters, and other products so their customers can save money on required supplies. Proper filtration and chemical levels are required for ponds with fish and plants. Stores hire employees that are able to help their customers find solutions for the problems they may be having. Employees offer various maintenance guidelines for customers to test and out later decipher which works best for their garden.

    Pond supplies stores offer other outdoor products customers need to maintain their lawn and garden. Plants, rocks, and mulch are just a few of the other supplies stores have available.