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Questions to Ask an Otolaryngology Doctor

For medical concerns that involve your neck, ears or throat, an otolaryngologist, also known as an ENT will be able diagnose and treat your condition. Otolaryngologists work closely with pathology and orthopedic doctors to provide complete care for patients. If you have a medical condition that will require the services of an otolaryngology doctor these are some questions you can ask them.

  • What ear, nose and throat issues do you treat?
    Otolaryngology doctors manage inflammatory problems, infections and diseases. They also help with hearing loss, tonsil issues and more. ENTs are also trained as surgeons and can perform a variety of surgeries. Some otolaryngologists perform reconstructive surgery on the face, head and neck. Others are dedicated to diagnosing and treating cancer in the ears, nose or throat. In a cancer situation, an ENT will often recommend the services of a pathology doctor to assist with speech therapy. For injuries affecting the bones, joints or ligaments of the neck or shoulders, and ENT will recommend an orthopedic doctor for additional care. ENTs also specialize in a variety of disorders including problems caused by a constant snore or tonsillitis.

  • What are you credentials?
    Otolaryngology doctors go through 12-14 years of education and training before becoming certified. Check for education, licenses or board certifications, areas of specialty, insurance coverage and availability to help you choose the ENT that will offer you the best care.

  • My child is having ear, nose or throat problems, what kind of doctor should I visit?
    A pediatrician with otolaryngology training is the best doctor for your child to visit. These doctors commonly treat ear infections, hearing problem, sore throats, tumors and more. Pediatric otolaryngologists are specially trained to diagnose and treat these problems in children.
  • Association for Research in Otolaryngology
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    Individuals who suffer from ear, nose and throat problems can have wide reaching health concerns in other parts of their body. It is important to consult with a specialist in one or more fields of pathology.

    A doctor in Otolaryngology will be able to treat most ENT afflictions. They will also be able to diagnose disorders concerning the head and neck in general. However, they may need to refer you to an associate in a related field. For example, the field of otology would deal with problems concerning the ear.

    There can be quite a bit of pathology involved. Orthopedics may also be brought into play. For example, an oral surgeon may be needed for dental work that is causing difficulties with speech.

    Gastroenterology concerns the digestive system which can be affected by problems with the mouth. A tonsil that has become infected will need to be removed with surgery. A resident pediatrician can make a clinical diagnosis on this.

    Problems in the nose and throat can cause a person to snore. Problems with the thyroid can be serious. It's important to get a screening to detect early signs of cancer. Many ENT afflictions may be caused by an allergy a patient has. Rheumatology will concern seemingly unrelated problems with joints and bones. Otolaryngology is not so simple or easy to understand. It involves more than just orthopedics. All our tissue and organs are connected so when one part of the body is suffering this can affect the overall balance of our health.