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Hydroseeding FAQs
Hydroseeding is a cost-effective alternative to sodding a new lawn for your home or business.

How does it work?
Hydroseeding is a mixture of water, grass seed, fertilizer, and sometimes even soil. This mixture is then applied with a pressurized, hydraulic hose and sprayed across the lot by a technician. Often the initial application will have a green tint to it, but this is merely to aid in the initial covering.

When will my lawn grow in?
From the time your hydroseed is applied, grow times generally vary. Sprouts are expected to emerge within the first week. Beyond that, a thick, full lawn of grass can take up to two months. Some areas will see shorter wait times, however, and often climate is a factor.

What maintenance is required?
Initial maintenance calls for a lot of watering. The first few days after hydroseed is applied, you may need to water your grass up to three times per day. The ideal environment is moist, but you want to avoid puddles and standing water in the yard. Also avoid walking on the soil until the turf has fully grown, lest you compress the soil or create bald spots. Fertilization is recommended around the time of your first mow, when the grass is roughly three to four inches tall.

Is it expensive?
The cost of hydroseeding varies across the country, but generally falls somewhere between six and fifteen cents per square foot, with minimum footage required. Compared to sodding, hydroseeding is an economic alternative at less than half the cost.

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One of the common careers associated with hydroseeding is a landscaping contractor. Landscapers usually require a combination of scholastic education, as well as on the job training, before gaining their license to work with customers unsupervised. They are experts in landscape design, from working on large golf turfs, to customizing the design of your backyard. Landscapers especially use hydroseedng for instances that require large scale grass planting, like a lawn, or a golf turf. The landscaper may also use hydroseeding mulch sprayed over a hillside to help prevent erosion.

Another career that works with hydroseeding, and is closely associated to that of a landscaper, is a gardener. Gardeners do not require specific eduction, but do need extensive on-the-job training. Gardeners know the intricacies of work with different types of soil, installing new plants, as well as the process of germination. They are also well qualified to use the technique of hydraulic mulch seeding sprayed over an entire area to successfully plant a new grass lawn. Gardeners also know the different types of fertilizer, like fiber-based, to mix with the seeds, as well as the amount of moisture required through watering, to ensure the best growth for the grass.

Depending on the gardener or landscaper's job, they may choose to use different types of equipment or supplies. Because of this, they need a landscaping supply shop. Here, they can get the necessary chemicals to protect the newly planted lawn, or the hose needed to spray the mulch. Whatever the needs, the landscaping store can help supply the gardeners and landscapers in completing the job.