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Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Treatments
Those who are concerned about fine or thinning hair, or are experiencing genetic pattern baldness might want to research hair restoration facilities. Hair restoration studios offer scalp treatments, hair extensions and even hair replacement. Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions about hair treatment centers:

Can a hair treatment center make my hair grow back?
That depends upon the cause of your hair loss. If it is sudden, you'll want to visit a doctor to determine what medical reasons might have provoked your hair loss. However, once the cause of your hair loss has been discovered, the procedures from a hair treatment center might stimulate new growth over a period of time. You should be aware, however, that if your genetic pattern baldness is advanced, hair growth will probably never be restored.

What options are available for hair restoration?
Laser hair therapy is a common, non-surgical treatment. It involves using low levels of laser energy to penetrate the scalp and alter sub-cellular events, thereby triggering hair growth. Hair treatment centers also offer a variety of hair grafts, transplants, implants, hair extensions and scalp treatments.

Will I have to go to a treatment center multiple times?
It depends upon the treatment you have, as well as the results. Laser treatments are often 1-2 times weekly for the first year, followed by a maintenance program that will be determined by your consultant. Hair integration treatments need to be refreshed every 4-8 weeks depending upon how fast your natural hair grows and if you need the color touched up.

National Hair Society
Network of forward-looking professionals committed to help each other and enhance the hair-management industry.
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Hair treatments can take place in a salon or at home. Hair transplants are considered minor surgery, and generally performed in specialist hair clinics. Laser hair removal is commonly offered by cosmetic surgeons.

The majority of hair treatments, however, are products that can be purchased and used at home. They can be something as simple as a shampoo and conditioner for dry hair, or a conditioner with keratin and vitamins. Women in particular spend a lot of money on home hair treatments, including temporary and permanent dyes. Many of these treatments are cosmetic, intended to straighten or curl hair, change its color, fix a style or cover gray. Others are intended to improve hair and scalp health. Natural and organic products are popular.

In most cases these treatments are sold through drug stores, specialist beauty stores or salons. Salons also commonly perform all of these treatments on-site. Some cater only to men or to women; others to both sexes.

Hair loss treatments for home use are also sold through drug stores and salons. However, many of the ointments and shampoos sold to encourage regrowth are of limited uses. Very few work on all individuals. Thinning hair often has to be accepted as a sign of aging, but hair growth and replacement formulas continue to be developed and designed.

Providers of hair treatments, sell related products to stores and salons. Salon workers need to be trained in how to apply them, especially heat treatment and permanent curl and wave services. These treatments need to be done carefully to prevent damage to the hair, head and scalp. Providers therefore need to provide well written instructions on both home treatments and those intended to be used only in salons.