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Important Terms to Know about Food Product Wholesalers
Here are some terms you should know when choosing a food products wholesaler for your store or restaurant.

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO): These are gourmet foods that, according to European Union law, can only be produced in a specific geographic region. For instance, champagne can only come from the Champagne region of France. Although other sparkling wines are similar to champagne, they cannot label themselves as champagne because of this specific law.

Organic Foods: The legal definition of organic can vary from country to country. Generally, though, organic foods are not grown with chemical fertilizers or synthetic pesticides; they have not been genetically modified; and they are not processed with radiation or chemical additives. Organic foods often cost more than conventional foods because the restrictions make farming more labor-intensive.

Cage-Free: Cage-free refers to eggs or meat taken from birds that have not been raised in confining cages. It does not, however, necessarily mean that the birds have access to the outdoors. The legal definition varies somewhat depending on the country.

Free Range: Free range refers to eggs or meat taken from birds that have the option of going outside. The laws describing free range vary depending on regions. In many countries, this label means that birds are given room to move freely when indoors.

Genetically Modified Organism (GMO): These are goods taken from an animal or plant that has been modified through genetic engineering. The genetic engineering might make plants more productive, increase the size of livestock, or create novel foods with interesting flavors. Some countries require grocery stores to label GMO foods while others do not.

Bulk Foods
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Majestic & Yomtov Products Inc
Discover the absolute best selection of wholesale food products in the local Redding area at our warehouse. Offering business and bulk discounts from our wholesale food services.
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Whether it’s for restaurants, grocery stores or directly to the consumer, wholesale food suppliers provide a means to make bulk purchases of nearly every kind of food and beverage product. The wholesaler is the first stop for many dairy and beef items direct from the farm, so they can be served fresh to customers. For consumers, the bulk portions of snack foods, bakery items, gourmet coffees, ethnic specialties and other items provide an opportunity for significant savings over retail cost. Here are some questions to ask a wholesale food supplier.

  • Do you have a specialty?
    Many wholesalers serve a particular niche, such as Italian restaurants, Mexican restaurants, steakhouses, health food suppliers or seafood eateries. Others may specialize in organic products, snack foods or low-calorie items for diet-conscious consumers.

  • From where do your products originate?
    Health food stores, gourmet restaurants and other companies that place strict demands on their food inventory will want detailed information about where a wholesaler’s products came from, and what if any changes were made to them prior to sale.

  • What type of discounts do you provide?
    Businesses and budget-conscious shoppers both like to buy at the lowest prices possible. Ask about any specials, volume discounts or promotions.

  • What is the minimum purchase?
    Since wholesalers deal in bulk, they may require a minimum order. For wholesalers that sell directly to the public, this is usually not an issue.

  • Where are you located?
    Try to find a supplier or distributor closest to your location, which will shorten delivery time and improve the odds of receiving fresh merchandise.