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Fertlizer, Compost and Manure Questions and Answers

Have you ever looked at your neighbors' yard envious at how they bring their lawn and gardens to life so well? Chances are that they weren't born on a farm and don't have a sweet connection at their local big box retailer. What they most likely do have is a working knowledge of soil treatments that make life spring from the dirt. If you're looking to improve your own yard, but don't know the basics of soil treatment and lawn fertilizers, here are the answers to some questions you might have.

  • What's the difference between manure and fertilizer? Fertilizer is any agent or compound that is used to promote plant growth. Manure is a type of fertilizer that is made from animal dung.

  • Is compost different from manure? Yes. Compost is decomposing animal or vegetable matter that's used as a fertilizer. Many organic farmers keep a compost pile outside their kitchen where they can easily throw vegetable scraps to create a nutrient rich fertilizer.

  • What can a home gardener learn from an organic farmer?
    Home gardeners can learn plenty from farmers, especially when it comes to finding alternatives to retail fertilizers and weed killers. Most libraries have plenty of books that contain the secrets of organic farming.

  • Are organic fertilizers better than chemical fertilizers?
    It depends on who you ask. Most people prefer not to overload their plants with chemical fertilizers, but don't dismiss these products out of hand. When used in moderation, chemical fertilizers can give, for example, a much needed boost of nitrogen or phosphorus to tired soil.

  • Can I improve the quality of the soil in my garden
    Absolutely. Whether you choose to use organic or chemical agents, you can almost always make your soil a healthier environment for plant life.
  • Fertilizer Institute
    Focusing bills and conservation programs to promote the use of enhanced efficiency fertilizer through our association. Our members are dedicated to promoting the latest green methods in fertilizer.
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    Many women and men deal in retail fertilizer products for a living. If you work in this business, it is likely that you are employed at a garden center, nursery, or home improvement shop of some kind. Many of these business and company locations offer a wide array of natural and plant organic fertilizers. These are added to soil and lawns in order to promote the growth and health of flowers, grass, trees, perennial flowers, and vegetables. When you work in this business, you will often have to handle compost materials and manure fertilizers with nitrogen and phosphorus gasses, as well as liquid products that assist yards and gardens.

    It is important to understand how natural plant and yard fertilizers work. This is why you may need some special training in order to work successfully in this industry. Typically, you can receive this training at the company or store you work at. Some topics you might learn more about are cheap lawn seeding, ammonia in fertilizers, winterizing lawns, timed organic fertilizers for spring, and all natural garden compost materials. The prices of these plant, grass, and tree fertilizers vary, and some are specifically for farming vegetables. You will need to know your way around agriculture and soil products, so that you can answer any common questions that residential homeowners or farmers may have.

    When working in this retail business, you will typically have to deal with a number of consumers. You may also have to work with store or shop managers, nursery owners, and wholesale fertilizer distributors at times.