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Questions to Ask an Eviction Service

If a tenant living in one of your rental properties is continually breaking rules of their lease it may be time to consider an eviction. Each state has a different eviction process and an eviction service should be able to assist landlords with all procedures. Here are some questions to ask an eviction service you may hire.

  • Can you handle the entire eviction process?
    In most cases, an eviction service can assist with filing evictions, sending the tenant notices and more. Eviction services will all have their own procedures for handling situations but all should follow proper protocol for sending notices, claiming property and more. However, if the tenant chooses to appeal and take the eviction case to court you will need a licensed lawyer.

  • What is the 3 day notice?
    A 3 day is a legal note telling a tenant they have 72 hours to vacate a premise or pay the rent they owe. An eviction service can assist with writing a 3 day notice to ensure it is legal and accommodates everything in the lease you have with your renter.

  • What if my tenant refuses to leave?
    After an eviction service has sent all the proper notices and given the tenant time to pay or leave the case will go to court. The tenant will be served with the court date and at the hearing the judge will settle the case. If the judge rules in favor of the landlord, the renter will have to leave the apartment or house. If the tenant refuses to vacate, the eviction service can assist with moving their assets, changing the locks and sending any fees to the renter until they have left the location.
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    Some women and men work for eviction services. While this can be an interesting line of work to get into, it is important to keep in mind that you will need to inform people that they are being expelled from a certain property or apartment complex. When the landlord or building management worker is unable to collect rent payments from a tenant, it is your job to process a notice, and provide the occupant with an eviction letter. This letter often states that the tenant must vacate the property within 3 days.

    There is typically some training involved for professions that work for eviction services. After all, you must learn how to serve the notice or letter tactfully, and always abide by all laws. The document or form must specify that the lease has been terminated, and it must explain why the tenant must vacate the apartment or house. Since the occupant has certain rights, he or she may dispute the eviction notice. While you may have to deal with some apartment complexes in this line of work, you may also have to deal with residential houses. Sufficient rent or monthly payments not being made is a common problem, and it is often necessary for the landlord or bank to detain the property. If it is a house that has been taken back, it will likely be sold fast and cheaply as a foreclosure.

    When you work for an eviction service, and deal with termination letters, rent fees, and apartment evictions, you are bound to work with a variety of people.