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Erosion Control

Some women and men work in the field of erosion control. While some experts in this line of work deal with riprap for coastlines, wattle fences, fiber mats and slope blankets to protect grass and soil, others strive to come up with new methods of preventing erosion. This can be a very intense and interesting line of work, depending on where you are located. As you may know, erosion control and prevention is important worldwide. This means there are a number of job opportunities that apply to this field.

When you work with erosion control, you can expect to deal with agriculture, construction sites, coastal ground, and level shorelines that require attention. The goal is to prevent soil, rock and sediment loss, which is often an issue because of water. There is some experience and expertise required in this line of work, depending on what area you go into. You will need to know a great deal about coastal water movement, ground tilling, riprap, and contoured filter mats for shorelines. Since strong weather, wind and water can erode the soil of sediment and silt, you must devise ways to prevent this so that it is effective in different areas. This can sometimes call for underground tubes, slope blankets, and wattle fences.

When you get involved with erosion control and prevention, you can expect to work in a number of different areas. While you may be addressing shorelines on one day, you may have to deal with a construction site the next day.
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Check out books from your local library on erosion control to find out more about hydroseeding, geotextiles, stabilization, protection, and excavation. Erosion happens on a gradual basis over time, with water from an ocean or lake creeping up on land and hills and eroding the soil. The best way to help with prevention is to purchase products such as silt fence, sand, blankets, mats, sod, or mulch. It all depends on your particular situation. Contact a few different erosion control professionals for consultations. Ask about prices, specialty, background, experience, and soil erosion control prevention products for beach and land. Find out what the erosion control expert recommends in terms of sediment control prevention and treatment, whether that involves excavation or a silt fence. If you are experiencing small-scale erosion, visit a home improvement store and ask staff which products they recommend for your problem such as mats or blankets. If you need a specialty product, you may have to purchase it online from an erosion control company. While you're on the Internet, do some research on erosion control products for land and beach, which can include accessories, kits, tools, and mats. You'll find tips and tricks from others in your situation on how to properly prevent erosion, product reviews, price comparisons, installation information, and local erosion control providers. When meeting with each erosion control company, get contact information, hours, location, product line, installation information, and price ranges. Inquire if there are any sales or deals going on that you could take advantage of, such as bulk discounts. Make sure the company you choose has a good reputation in the erosion control business, offering quality products at a fair price. Be sure to ask whether the company is part of a local, national, or international entity.