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Temporary Staffing Agency Frequently Asked Questions
If you are between jobs or are looking for flexible employment, then you might be interested in investigating the option of temporary staffing agencies. Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions about staffing agencies:

How do I find a temporary job?
Occasionally, businesses advertise for temporary positions and hire directly, but most companies use temporary staffing agencies. Because staffing agencies have pre-screened candidates, a temporary staffer can be on the job immediately if a position opens up unexpectedly, thus sparing the company from a lapse in production while potential permanent employees are interviewed.

How do temporary staffing agencies work?
Companies pay staffing agencies a fee to provide temporary workers. Staffing agencies interview, administer basic administrative aptitude and skill assessment tests and screen the workers they send to client companies. Temporary staffers are used by the client company for either a specific or open-ended period of time.

How long will I have the temporary job?
That depends upon the needs of the client company. A temp worker can be hired for a few days or weeks while the permanent employee is on vacation or sick leave, or can be hired on an open-ended basis if the position is vacant. Temporary jobs can stretch on for months, sometimes years, if the client company never gets around to hiring someone permanently.

Can the company I am temping for hire me?
Yes, they can. However, staffing agencies charge a large fee for the permanent hire of a temporary staff member if that staff member has been placed for less than a certain contracted period of time, usually between three and six months. If you have dazzled your supervisors with your skill and efficiency, then larger corporations might either pay the fee or wait out the obligation. Smaller companies, on the other hand, might not find it economically feasible to either continue paying the agency while you temp or pay the fee directly.

Do I have to pay a temporary staffing agency?
No reputable staffing agency will ask for payment for job placement. Staffing agencies are paid by client companies looking for temporary staff.

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Some individuals work for employment contractor companies and temp agency locations. Since there are temporary employment companies located across the nation, there are many opportunities to consider in this human resources field. If you work for a temp agency, then it is typically your job to help people from various fields find work or jobs that pertain to their resumes, education, and skills. While some of the jobs or employment opportunities you handle will be part time, others will be full time contract positions. You may often work with a company or business’s human resources department in order to assess potential employees.

As you may be aware, there is typically some training and skills involved with this kind of work. Depending on the temporary help agency or employment contracting business you are employed with, you may have different responsibilities to handle daily. For instance, you may have to inform applicants of any opportunity that arises, and the type of labor or work involved. When you recruit employees or staff members for businesses, you may need to perform background checks, and assess resumes. Each job vacancy that comes up may require different skills. As you may know, businesses turn to employment contractors to assist them with work solutions, and help them hire skilled employees. Therefore you may often have to help conduct interviews in order to find or place the right candidates.

In this line of work, you will often deal with a number of different freelance workers, who are in need of temporary jobs. Depending on the agency or you work for, this type of work can get quite hectic at times.