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Water Hauling Service FAQs
When you hire a water hauling service, you should consider these frequently asked questions, which are found below:

Are Water Pumping Tools or Equipment Available on the Water Hauling Truck?
Regardless of whether you are filling a swimming pool or a water tower, it is important to have the right equipment and tools at your disposal when the water hauling service arrives with the water. Therefore you should be sure to inquire in advance to find out if the delivery truck or vehicle has all of the pumping equipment needed to assist you. Some services may not.

Is the Water Clean and Sanitary for Drinking Purposes?
Sometimes community wells need to be filled by water hauling services. Since these wells do not contain city water, which is cleaned, regulated and controlled, it is crucial to find out how sanitary the water is being delivered. After all, you must be sure that it is free of any harmful bacteria and chemicals that could lead to health problems.

How Many Gallons of Water Can Be Hauled By Each Truck?
Water hauling services use trucks with large tanks that can transport thousands of gallons of water. Depending on the service you hire, and the rigs or tractor-trailers they use, the number of gallons may vary. Therefore it is important to inquire about the amount of water each truck can haul, if you plan to acquire a very large amount of water. After all, if more than one truck is used, the cost of the hauling service will likely increase.

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Truitt's Water Service Write review for this local business
3218 Horseshoe Road, Creedmoor, NC 27522
(919) 528-3136  
Davis Feed & Supply Write review for this local business
6868 Davis Country Rd, Randleman, NC 27317
(336) 431-2311  
Sellers Bros Inc Write review for this local business
2145 S Boston Rd, Danville, VA 24540
(434) 822-8263  

For most of us, it's not often that we have to call a water hauling service, so if an emergency arises where you need contact one, you're probably in unfamiliar territory. But if you need to have a swimming pool filled with water or get your cistern pumped and washed, these are the companies who can do just that. To ensure the best possible service, there are some key considerations you should have in mind when you contact a water hauling company.

  • Is the company insured?
    A reputable water hauling company should carry insurance to cover accidents and any damages incurred. Given that these companies are often called upon to deal with emergency situations, such as putting out fires, and important functions like removing water from coal mines, the absence of proper insurance should raise a red flag.

  • Is the company certified by the state?
    Though regulatory standards vary by area, the company should be licensed by the state to conduct business. The certification could be issued by the Department of Health, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), or some other regulatory body. A properly certified company will have its truck and tanks routinely inspected. Generally, the company will transport potable water only in tanks dedicated to that purpose. It is widely considered dangerous to transport potable water in containers that are used for other liquids or chemicals.

  • Will the company provide a free estimate?
    One problem with ordering bulk water hauling to fill your pool or cistern, for example is that you may drastically miscalculate how much you need. Some companies offer free consultations to help you decide how much water is required for the bulk water delivery. If they don't customarily do this, you could try to convince them to help you calculate the amount of water that needs to be trucked over.