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Important Terms to Know About Governmental Law
Governmental law pertains to the branch of law that involves all aspects of government laws, state regulations, federal legislation, sovereignty and compliance. Attorneys who specialize in this area are experts in governmental law and can provide legal advice and representation to anyone involved. They may work independently or as part of a legal firm. Here are some important terms to know about governmental law:

Local Government Law: Covers a broad range of local issues and legal areas, such as sunshine laws for public access to government records, municipal planning for land use and zoning law, labor rights, licensing and regulatory law, wage laws and discrimination. It may also cover environmental law in regards to government regulations, tax abatement, eminent domain law, property taxes and housing issues.

US Federal Executive Branch: The executive branch of the government in charge of enforcing the laws of the land, comprised of the president, vice president, cabinet members and heads of independent agencies.

US Federal Judicial Branch: The branch of government that deals with the court system, specifically in regards to how it decides arguments about the meaning of laws and their application, whether or not laws violate the Constitution and how federal courts provide checks and balances on the other branches.

US Federal Legislative Branch: The law making branch of government, comprised of a two-house Congress, namely the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Sovereignty: Having supreme, independent authority over a particular region that has the power to rule and make laws that are final and absolute.

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When legislation is proposed, new regulations enacted, or the functionality of an agency of the government is called into question, administrative law firms provide oversight; these firms are comprised of specialized attorneys. Also known as governmental law practices, these firms check up on the amount of authority the respective government agency is using, and if ethics are being observed. If the government agency is overstepping its bounds, they will be brought to court and a judge will determine if they are operating within their power. Some of the more common issues government law attorneys deal with include labor and employment, taxes, local education, boundaries, and environmental laws. The governmental law firms are delegated power depending on which branch they work with, including executive and legislative branches, and independent agencies. Congress delegates power to federal government law firms, while state legislature delegates to those focused on state agencies. To ensure the administrative lawyers are also adhering to their appropriate level of power, the Administrative Procedure Act was passed. The Act outlines the limits of a governmental law firm. With both the government agencies and the administrative law practices checking up on each other, the ethics and regulations of both can be maintained. Democracy is based on the idea of equal dissemination of power to all branches; governmental law came into existence to provide a means to bring disputes to the courts. Both federal and municipal state agencies operate the way they were intended to with this evolved system of checks and balances. Litigation tends to involve public policy as opposed to individual civil rights.