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Riggers may work in a variety of situations. Some still work on sailboats and yachts. They can also be found assisting the owners of small boats by offering advise on how to handle the rigging. Although this process is very simple on a one mast sailboat, larger vessels become more complicated.

Thus, these riggers need to know how to explain the difference between a yardarm and a spar to people who may not know the difference between their mast, deck or bow.

Riggers also work in search and rescue, creating and testing the harnesses used to lift injured persons from difficult situations. This complicated work is generally done by hand. Another specialty is parachute rigging, which is the packing and maintaining of parachutes. These services are used by the military and civilian skydivers. This is a difficult job, which also has to be done by hand. Riggers need to have an understanding of knots, cordage and the tension a rope.

Riggers working on docks and construction sites, however, are more likely to handle industrial machinery and equipment. They often move heavy loads of supplies, albeit over short distances. However, they still require the knowledge of how to make a hoist support a heavy object. In general, they move bulk supplies and extremely heavy objects. Although heavy equipment does the actual lifting, riggers need to check cargo nets for weak points and test knots.

However, there remains a place in the modern world for riggers in the marine and construction hauling industries. This can be a lucrative career, but can also be very physically demanding.

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Deep South Crane Rentals Inc
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"First time user of Deep South. Outstanding, modern cranes. Well trained operators and they were there as scheduled. We will now use them along the entire Gulf Coast. It might cost a little more in travel but the equipment and operators are worth it in the long run. Great company to work with. ..."
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Rigger and outrigger supplies and equipment can be found from various stores by searching the Internet or looking in a phone book. You can find a local store so you can get a better look at the type of rope and other supplies you're interested in purchasing. When moving sailboats, machinery, yachts, and large vessels you may use the spar, mast, bow, yardarm, or deck to create tension in the rope to make it safe to transport the item. If you're trying to find a rigger for parachutes you can also look online or in a phone book for somebody with the proper licensing. You may want to learn about rope rescue techniques in case an emergency occurs when sailing. Rigging and cordage supply stores will have industrial strength rope and other pieces of equipment. If you're looking for something specific call the store in advance and ask if they have it available today. If not, they may be able to special order it for you. Rigging sailboats correctly is very important. If you're unsure of what to do, ask an employee about their experience and if they can help you with any questions you may have. Rigger and outrigger equipment and supplies will range in price depending on the quality and company you buy from. When moving machinery and other large items you want to know that you are using high quality materials that you can trust to do the job. Find reviews on different companies to see who has the best reputation for the most affordable prices.