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Questions to Ask a Pool Service Company

If you have a swimming pool or spa at your home or business, you may need to hire a professional pool cleaning and maintenance service at some point. It is important to have a good idea of what these services offer and what type of service or assistance you need. Below are a few questions you should ask a pool service before hiring one.

  • What types of indoor, outdoor, and above ground pools and spas do you clean/maintain?
    It is important to know if the experts can assist you with your indoor hot tub, deck pool, or outdoor swimming pool. Each unit may call for different equipment, parts, cleaning tools, and water chemicals or salt supplies.

  • Can you repair/maintain a pool pump or filter device?
    If you have a heated swimming pool or spa with an automatic pump and heating element, you may need the pool service to assist you with this.

  • What is your rate for cleaning, maintaining or repairing my pool/spa?
    This is something you will want to know upfront. Different services or professionals may charge different rates for cleaning, maintenance, and/or replacement parts.

  • Can you repair or install a pool ladder, slide or diving board?
    If you are in need of new equipment for your swimming pool, you should inquire about the type of diving board, ladder, vinyl cover or water slide you are interested in. This way you can get an upfront quote.

  • Do you resurface swimming pools?
    Some services specialize in swimming pool tile or plaster resurfacing. As you may know, sometimes the liner or epoxy coating on a pool or spa must be replaced or repaired. You must make certain the service can do this properly before hiring them.
    Depend on pool-service throughout North Dakota. Offering the best pool-service North Dakota for your swimming pool needs.

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    Finding you a licensed pool-service in North Dakota is what we're about. We provide you with free quotes from several of North Dakota's best Pool Maintenance organizations. Put a stop to your stress and let us get you the right one!
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    Swimming pool and spa water needs constant chemical monitoring to maintain healthy levels. The structure also needs regular cleaning and repair to keep it working properly. While these things can be achieved by the home owner, a pool cleaning service has the equipment to perform these services better.

    If you plan on working in this field or starting a cleaning service, you'll need training to know what you're doing. You can achieve this by either acquiring a job at an already established service or joining a training program. In either case, you'll learn about filter cleaning, emptying the pump baskets, deck washing, and brushing the basin walls no matter the material such as concrete, tile, and vinyl liner. You'll also learn the importance of doing a visual inspection of any special outdoor equipment should there be any diving board, slides, and ladders and what chemicals are important to the water, like chlorine and salt. You'll also learn where to get the materials to resurface and repair both above and in ground swimming pools and spas, like plaster and epoxy.

    Special electrical training may be required to maintain indoor heated pools and spas since the parts aren't always standard. Different covers are needed for different structures, so you'll not only have to be familiar with the products, but also know how to advise the home owner on what to purchase. Proper winterization can save a structure from becoming swampy or cracked.

    As with any business, you'll have to obtain knowledge on how to run a business and proper tax protocol before starting your venture. It might take time, but you'll have to manage employees and learn how to work a payroll.