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Questions to As About Lawn Tool Repair

If you are looking to replace your push lawn mower, landscaping supplies or repair your ride on mower, then it is important to ask a lot of questions at the home improvement store. It is best to turn to a professional for lawn mower repair or sharpening, so that you do not make a mistake or injure yourself on the blades.

  • How much does it cost to sharpen my mower blades?
    Always get a price upfront. Blade sharpening should be relatively inexpensive.

  • I think my carburetor is broken, what is the cost to repair it?
    Since carburetors can be expensive to repair, if the repair is in depth, then you may be better off buying a new new carburetor or new engine for your mower. If other parts such as the belt and seat need to be fixed too you may want to purchase a new ride on mower.

  • What can you recommend to help me get weeds out of my garden?
    A shop associate may be able to share with you some products and tips for proper weed removal so that you can maintain a lovely outdoor garden in your yard.

  • Could a bad spark plug be causing my ignition issues?
    Spark plug problems are one of many things that can cause your ignition not to function properly.

  • My hedges and bushes need trimming. What kind of tools do you recommend?
    Many products meant to prune are available such as a clipper. You can also use a clipper on trees.

  • I am constructing a deck, what kind of parts do I need?
    You will need a variety of equipment such as boards, nails, a hammer and more.

  • Are there any attachments to help water my lawn?
    Sprayers are available that can be mounted on the back of a ride on mower.
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    Lawn mower repair services require mechanics skilled in dealing with small engines. Repairing and cleaning carburetors is common, as is replacing belt drives. As mowers have two stroke carburetors, their engines are a little different to maintain than car engines, but not excessively so. Ride on and tractor style mowers often have diesel engines. Small hand propelled ones are usually electric. Ride on mowers also generally have push button ignition, whilst smaller ones may have a string pull. The latter are known to break, often at inconvenient times, and need to be replaced.

    Mechanics also need to know how to fix attachments such as sprayers and aerators. Thorough cleaning is another important part of maintenance, especially of the mower deck.

    The second major area is the sharpening of blades. Services often also sharpen pruners, tree and bush trimmers and other garden tools. Edge trimmers and some small rotary trimmers have cables or strings instead of blades, which are generally replaced. Heavy duty mowers designed to deal with tough weeds have thicker and more powerful blades. The best mowers are of the cylinder type. Due to the variety of mowers for different sizes of yard and outdoor area, sharpeners have to be ready to deal with different sizes and thicknesses of blade. They need to keep parts on hand for various mowers and other equipment. In some cases, they may even be called upon to replace or repair seats. Automatic or self driving mowers require a certain amount of computer knowledge.

    Mower repair services are often attached to dealers or garden centers. Those attached to dealers may specialize in a specific brand of mower. Others are more independent.