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Tips for Buying General Insurance
Whether you need medical insurance or auto insurance, it’s imperative to do your research on any insurance company you consider. This is so you can avoid paying too much for sub-par coverage. Make sure you know what you want when shopping around for general insurance before you commit. Following are some tips to use as a guide when looking for general insurance for you or your family.

Tip #1: Ask About Any Specialties
Inquire about any specialties in coverage that the company offers. Some specialize in offering affordable car or motorcycle insurance quotes, while others focus on life insurance. Many insurance companies do offer a variety of coverage, from health and malpractice to accident and property.

Tip#2: Ask for Free Quotes
Any insurance company that wants your business will offer you a free quote to save you time and money. Be specific with what coverage you want, whether home, auto, life or commercial. Ask for the quote in writing, and gather as many as you can before choosing an agency.

Tip #3: Get the Coverage You Need
Avoid skimping on coverage just to save a few bucks. Just because the law outlines a minimum amount of liability, make sure you purchase enough coverage for your individual needs, to avoid hassle and money later. It is generally recommended to obtain at least $100,000 in bodily injury protection per person. You should also get at least $300,000 in coverage per accident. To protect your hard-earned savings in the event you cause an accident, it may be a wise move to increase your liability coverage. Plus, don’t neglect your collision and comprehensive coverage to protect your car from damage.

American Association of Managing General Agents
If you are a general insurance agent, try joining our association to get more out of your business. Network with other agents and gain valuable insight into the industry when you join our association.
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Concorde General Agency Write review for this local business
720 28th St S, Fargo, ND 58103
(701) 239-9941  
Aig-American General Write review for this local business
844 Po Box, Beach, ND 58621
(701) 872-4001  
Walz Financial Services Write review for this local business
1800 E Main St, Mandan, ND 58554
(701) 222-0760  

Whether you are purchasing a plan or making a claim, insurance coverage can function in a wide range of settings and for many, varied purposes. People who are considering insurance should first know which questions to ask of prospective providers.

  • Does a plan give coverage on an indemnity or contingency basis?
    The compensation for an ill-effect suffered by a plan holder given in the first instance seeks to restore the object of coverage to its original and pristine state. On the other hand, contingency claims are made in a specific instance. For one, life insurance can be considered one example of contingency coverage.

  • Do I need to order insurance when I am purchasing a car?
    Car insurance is one of the most basic forms of coverage covered by this consumer field. This coverage is particularly necessary due to the threat of collisions.

  • Can insurance protect me against the occurrence of malpractice?
    Clients and patients may be displeased with the work of their doctor and claim malpractice. People may sue even if the doctor or other professional is diligent. Professionals can protect themselves with insurance coverage in case someone makes a malpractice claim. This allows a third party to evaluate the plaintiff's case. Insurance also protects the policy holder from outrageous compensation amounts.

  • In general, what is the range of costs which can be quoted to me?
    When you are claiming that a legal entity holds liability for an action or omission of action, you can generally expect success to depend on how willing you were to meet the price quoted to me.