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Tips for Choosing Deck Cleaning and Waterproofing
Decks tend to get dirty and grimy over time, plus they can fade if they’ve been stained years ago. Cleaning and waterproofing your deck on a regular basis is crucial if you want to keep it looking new despite the harsh elements. Because dirt buildup is not only unattractive but it also poses unsanitary and unsafe conditions, protect your deck from the weather to prevent damage. Here are some tips to consider when cleaning, maintaining and waterproofing your pool or other type of outdoor deck:

Tip #1: Clean the deck first to clear away dirt
Before staining or waterproofing your deck, it’s very important to clean it thoroughly of debris such as leaves, dirt and twigs. Use a simple broom to achieve this, but get on your hands and knees with a toothbrush to get in between the cracks. Why? Leaves can get trapped inside those spots and rot the boards over time. You can even use a putty knife to really get in there.

Tip #2: Scrub the deck carefully
It’s important to thoroughly clean the wood’s surface using a solution of half water and half bleach. Use a scrub brush to apply the solution and really use some elbow grease. This will help get rid of mold and mildew. Rinse it off so as not to leave the bleach on there for long. You could even rent a pressure washer to spray the bleach and water mixture on the boards, let it soak, then rinse.

Tip #3: Apply the waterproof sealant to repel water
Brush on a redwood stain or waterproofing deck sealer, whichever you prefer. Repelling water is ideal so as to make the deck last longer. You can even opt to use a foam roller to apply the sealant, but make sure you reach all areas of the deck to ensure full coverage.
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Building a backyard deck or patio is a relatively simple and inexpensive home improvement project. But many home handymen skip over one very crucial part of the process, waterproofing and staining. A deck that hasn't been stained or properly waterproofed will be difficult to clean and maintain. The following are some commonly asked questions about deck waterproofing and washing.

  • Why is waterproofing so important? Isn't all wood waterproof anyways?
    Live trees can manage moisture in a way that dead trees (lumber) cannot. Untreated and unstained wood is at the mercy of the elements and will begin rotting in a very short time. Colored wood, like redwood, will lose its natural hues very quickly unless properly treated. Rotten wood is not only unstable it's susceptible to mold infestation. Waterproofing helps minimize weather related damage by creating a seal between the building materials and the elements.

  • What's the difference between opaque and semi transparent stains?
    The type of stain used on a deck really depends on the quality of the wood used. Cheap lumber with an unattractive or blemished grain can be enhanced with a opaque stain. Semi transparent stains are used in higher quality woods so that the wood grain is visible. Wood treated by either stain can be cleaned with a high power pressure wash.

  • What is the best way to clean a patio or deck?
    Most decks can be easily cleaned with a simple power pressure washer or hose.

  • How often should I waterproof my deck?
    The answer to this question depends a lot on what type of waterproofing and wood you've used on your deck. But most homeowners should plan on reapplying the stain every 12 to 18 months.