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Terms Related to Concrete Construction Forms and Accessories
The following are some terms relating to concrete construction forms and accessories:

Arch Center: An arch center is used to temporarily support an arch as it is being built. Arch centers are usually timber formworks.

Back Propping: Back propping is the process of removing temporary formwork from a brick or concrete slab while still managing to keep the slab supported.

Box Crib: A box crib is a structural framework found in mines and at other excavation sites. A box crib is usually a concrete or timber form that lines the mine shaft.

Concrete Formwork: Concrete formwork is a general term that refers to any temporary or permanent structure that is used to keep concrete in place as it dries. This structure can be anything from timber formwork to plastic formwork.

Form Oil: Form oil is a nonstick agent that is applied to formwork, typically metal formwork, to prevent the concrete from molding to the formwork during drying. Form oil is very important for removing permanent formwork from concrete. Form oil may also be referred to as release oil or release agent.

Fox Wedges: Fox wedges, also known as folding wedges, are pieces of wood that can be used to tighten or otherwise adjust construction formwork and other equipment.

Permanent Formwork: As the name implies, permanent formwork is formwork that is meant to be left in place following construction. Permanent formwork contributes significantly to the overall stability of the structure, and its presence may decrease the need for other structural supports like rebar.

Stripping: Stripping is removing formwork from a construction job once the concrete has dried. Form oil may be needed to more easily remove the formwork.
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There are countless residential construction professionals and commercial contractors that work with concrete construction forms and accessories every day. There are also plenty of distributors across the United States that sell these products, materials and supplies. This is a grand industry nowadays, and one that can be exciting to get involved with. Since forms are commonly used to shape floors, foundations, and swimming pools, they additionally block off the sides so that concrete does not leak out. This way a perfect square or rectangle patio or building foundation is feasible. Construction experts and contractors that work with concrete forms, also deal with decorative swimming pools, residential home walls, and even large industrial building foundations.

There is some training and expertise involved with this line of work. Regardless of whether you are dealing with the walls and floors of a residential house or the roof and foundation of a commercial building, you will need proper training in order to build concrete forms. As you may know, you will commonly handle masonry equipment, concrete mixing supplies, and tools to help finish the slabs of concrete. If you are simply selling or distributing concrete construction forms and accessories, then you will need to assist consumers with finding the right products. Some of these supplies may be wooden planks to block off the sides of a patio slab, decorative stamp designs for a swimming pool floor or patio, or masonry equipment to assist with a residential home floor.

You will likely deal with all kinds of commercial contractors and residential home builders in this line of work.