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Common Caulking Questions For Homeowners

Caulking is a common tool of the home building trade. It can help waterproof joints, prevent cracks, as well as improve your home’s appearance. Below are a few common questions homeowners have about caulking.

  • Do I have to hire a professional for my caulking projects?
    No, caulking is usually a simple job. With a steady hand and the correct type of caulk, you can seal up every troublesome joint in your home. Before taking on this work yourself, it is important to learn about the different types of caulk, such as silicone and polyurethane, and the disadvantages of each. For example, silicone caulking cannot be painted.

  • What type of things around the house need caulking?
    Caulking can be used in most cracks, joints and gaps inside or outside the house. This will seal out unwanted water and air from seeping into your home. It is also used to fix gaps that are irreparable like along window panes. It is important to not go overboard with the sealant. To provide clean air, use a heating system, and are properly run appliances, a house needs to breathe.

  • Does the contractor need to caulk my driveway?
    The unfortunate truth about every industry is that for every superb worker, there is one that likes to cut corners. This is true for contractors as well. If the one you hired to create your driveway tells you caulking is not necessary, fire them on the spot and start looking for a replacement. The way concrete works is that it slowly contracts as it dries. However, weather changes cause a constant pattern of expansion and contraction. Without caulking in the expansion joints, water can cause cracking in the concrete.
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    Most contractors that offer caulking services also provide other types of construction as well. Performing a wide variety of bathroom installations, roof sealants, and window waterproofing services, requires the assistance of reliable workers.

    Many of the employees who work for caulking contractors have a lot of construction experience. Some of them have learned hands-on by fixing things in homes throughout their area. Others may have learned by studying under contractors during formal apprenticeships.

    These construction contractor workers should know about the different types of caulking materials that are available for roofs, windows, cement, and bathrooms. Knowing about clear and colored epoxy materials is easy yet essential. Almost anyone can read the side of a tube to determine what color the caulk is. However, these professionals should also know which type caulking material works best with different base foundations. For instance, they wouldn't use wood caulking on cement tiles, because they know which materials are more appropriate for waterproofing a customer's home.

    The caulking contractors often have ample experience making household repairs, and are well versed in using the caulking gun to seal cracks in wood, cement, roofs, and vinyl windows. When the businesses hire them, they should make sure that the workers understand the detailed prep work completed prior to using sealants. This includes cleaning surfaces before applying caulking beads, and fixing cracks with appropriate materials.

    After a worker has gained enough sealant and waterproofing experience, the contractors might promote them to overseeing the operations. This gives them more authority in the company and allows them to use their expertise to provide excellent services to clients.