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Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Packaging

Packaging materials help protect items during shipping, storage or moving. Choosing the right carton, mailer or box is important. If an item is too heavy for the container, the corrugated cardboard might rip and allow the item to break. If the package is too large, internal contents can shift and break during commercial freight methods. Learn the best questions to ask when purchasing packages and containers.

  • How do I find the weight limit on this storage container?
    Usually a box or mailer has a black square that lists the weight capacity of the fiber bin or box. Make sure the things you put within the unit do not exceed this weight. If not, it's best for the consumer to ask the retailer to find the information before purchasing.

  • Do you offer custom sized packages?
    Some items require a custom size or shape that is hard to find. If a larger package is needed, a company may need to create a customized shipping container for you.

  • Do you sell Eco-friendly or recycled mailers?
    Some industrial package manufacturers use recycled fiber materials to prevent unnecessary waste. Choosing Eco-friendly containers is a great way to reduce a carbon footprint, especially for a business or home office that frequently ships parcels.

  • What's the best way to pack fragile items?
    Fragile items should be wrapped in a protective layer of newspaper or bubble wrap before putting them into the packaging. Tape the layer to keep it from unraveling during transportation. Packing peanuts also help cushion fragile items. Finally, trust in the air-filled layers of corrugated cardboard to help add cushioning during transport.
  • Paperboard Packing Council
    The NAPA is dedicated to the advancement of paperboard packaging and the North American converting industry. Let our members help with your packaging and boxing needs with the highest quality materials.
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    Many homeowners and businesses use corrugated cardboard boxes. The strong fibers in the boxes create durable packaging for shipments of any items from one area to another. Corrugated layers in the walls create cushions of air that keep the interior materials from becoming damaged.

    The boxes come in a range of sizes. Wholesalers and retailers sell them in small sizes for items like jewelry. Mailers protect single books. Larger sizes fit a number of items. Adding foam peanuts, air cushions or crumpled newspaper helps protect fragile shipments.

    Commercial and industrial plants use customized cartons for storage and freight shipping. Homeowners use them for moving to a new home, storing unwanted items or even as playhouses for children. Reuse the cartons for bringing home groceries.

    Once the item is no longer needed, recycling companies break down the fiber material to create new paper products. For this reason, you'll find many eco-friendly mailers and recycled packages.

    When using these cartons or containers, remember that shipping containers receive plenty of jostling on flights and in the back of a company truck. Purchase the packages that offer the weight limits you require. If you purchase supplies with thinner sides, containers are more likely to tear during the trip. Always use additional filler materials to protect fragile items. Reinforce all edges and seams with heavy-duty tape to prevent the top or bottom from opening. When workers move mail to sorting bins, they're not always as careful as you'd like, that is why using fiber and corrugated boxes is imperative in preventing damage to items.

    Prevent damage by making sure you've cushioned the items as much as possible. Find cardboard packaging in a range of sizes and shipping strengths in local office stores.