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Questions to Ask When Buying Wholesale Auto Parts & Supplies

For rims, oil filters, struts, accessories and performance parts such as shocks and brake pads, turn to wholesale auto parts dealers for the best deal on upgrades and aftermarket parts. Ask these questions first when speaking to a wholesaler.

  • Can you speak to me knowledgeably about my needs, and make recommendations?
    Because competition is so keen, staff will be eager to help identify your needs and discover what will truly improve your car or truck’s performance.

  • Do you specialize?
    Some providers hone in on domestic or foreign auto parts, and others specialize in certain kinds of cars and trucks. Start a relationship with a company that can provide niche expert support.

  • What is your return policy?
    You don’t want to end up with the wrong aftermarket part only to find that you can’t return it. Also find out whether you will have to pay the shipping price to return the item.

  • What do you charge for shipping?
    Shipping cost may seem trivial when you are only ordering a few spark plugs, but the price can really add up on a weighty muffler or battery. Some companies offer free shipping and local pickup.

  • Is this part current?
    Suppose you get a great deal on aftermarket wheels, only to find out that you can’t match them because they’ve been discontinued. Make sure that supplies are still current before putting money down.

  • I need to replace a part on my vehicle. Can I just buy it used?
    There are many great avenues for used parts, such as salvage yards. The best parts and supplies to buy used are exterior components such as body and wheel parts. An example of when to avoid buying used would be when rebuilding an engine.
  • Auto Parts Giant
    Consider us your premiere source for all of your auto parts and supplies needs in the local North Dakota area. Providing wholesale prices on auto parts for any make and model of vehicle from our supplier.

    "When I first started looking for wholesale and discounted auto parts, I searched the internet and found All I can say is I am glad I called their service members prior to ordering anything online. Their workers were not knowledgeable about car parts, and I did not feel comfortable buying anything from this online shop. ..."
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    Auto supply stores sell replacement and aftermarket vehicle parts. Vehicle maintenance is an important aspect of ownership. Regular oil changes, brake pad inspections, and battery checks help keep your vehicle in working order. Oil changes, spark plug replacements, and cleaning battery terminals are easy jobs for someone with basic engine knowledge. Buy the oil and filter and avoid the cost of an oil change at a local garage. See if your local salvage yard has a similar model to avoid the expense of rebuilding a transmission.

    Save money having equipment replaced by a professional. Purchase domestic and foreign parts from a salvage yard or retailer and have your mechanic install them. You're able to shop around for the best prices and buy them yourself. Items like shocks, mufflers, and brake pads usually cost more in a garage than if you shop around. Make sure your mechanic doesn't charge a fee for using supplies you bring in.

    Shopping around gives you the opportunity to compare warranty coverage too. Starters, struts, and mufflers usually come with a warranty that covers replacement costs. This saves you a lot of cash, especially if the item has lifetime warranty coverage.

    If you're looking to improve more than performance, check out gadgetry. Remote car starters turn on your engine for you without having to go outside. These starters are must-haves if you experience below zero winters.

    Aftermarket accessories upgrade the look and response of your car or truck. Wheel rims, seat covers, and truck liners prove popular. You'll be able to customize the look for your vehicle to match your sense of style. Performance products increase fuel consumption and handling. Find new and replacement supplies at auto stores near you.