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Terminology Relating to Mens Clothing Manufacturers
Men's suits, jackets, pants and shirts are manufactured from a variety of textiles, both natural and synthetic. Here are a few examples of fabrics commonly used in the manufacturing of men's apparel:

Alpaca Wool: A hypoallergenic wool fabric from the fleece of the alpaca. It is commonly used in hats, mittens, scarves and sweaters. Generally softer and warmer than sheep's wool.

Camel Hair: Camel hair is a specialty hair fiber typically blended with other fibers when used for jackets, shirts and blazers. Pure camel hair, which is collected from camels after they have molted, is used for coats. It is a very warm yet light fabric.

Gaberdine: A thick, tightly woven fabric made from either worsted wool, cotton or textured polyester. Gaberdine is used for heavy overcoats, suits and uniforms. It was invented by Thomas Burberry, who founded the Burberry fashion house.

Mohair: A textile made from the wool of the Angora goat. It is one of the oldest textiles and it is used for suits, sweaters, winter hats, scarves and socks. It is also used as a fur substitute and is often used as doll's hair because of its silky texture.

Poplin: A fabric traditionally woven from a silk warp and a worsted yarn weft, which gave it a deep luster. Today, it is commonly woven from cotton, silk, wool or rayon. It is used in dress shirts.

Seersucker: A light weight cotton fabric woven in a slack-tension weave that causes the fabric to bunch and wrinkle. The puckered texture of the fabric eliminates the need for pressing, and also produces a cooling effect, because the material stands away from the skin. It is used in summer suits, pants, shirts and robes.

Vicuna Wool: An extremely fine and soft wool, shorn from the vicuna, which is a wild relative of the llama. It is a very expensive wool because the vicuna only produces one pound of wool per year.

Worsted: A type of yarn with straight, parallel fibers. It is commonly made from long fiber wool, but can be spun from other long fibers.

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Some individuals work in the men’s clothing industry. The manufacturing and wholesale side of this business is quite grand, and involves numerous facilities across the country. As you likely know, apparel such as shirts, dress pants, designer suits, and casual blue jeans are manufactured in large plants or facilities. These high-fashion clothes and accessories are then distributed by manufacturers and wholesale dealers to smaller retail shops and apparel stores. Since there are many opportunities in this field, many women and men choose to work in this industry. It often requires manufacturing and selling all kinds of designer jackets, leather pants, fashionable neck ties, vintage shoes, and casual shorts.

In order to work for a men’s clothing manufacturer or wholesale distributor, you will likely need some training in the beginning. This way you will better understand the various processes that pertain to this industry. One aspect of this line of work may be measuring, in order to make certain jeans and shirts are the right size. Depending on the style of the attire, the size can vary slightly. You may also have to help manufacture designer shoes, leather jackets or jeans. If you work in the sales department of a clothing distribution company, you will likely have to handle large customer orders from department stores and men’s apparel shops. Some orders may include vintage suits, high-fashion accessories, denim jackets, and even casual tee shirts.

You will likely deal with a lot of different clients and major customers in this line of work. Especially if you work in clothing sales.