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Frequently Asked Questions About Tile Installation
The following are some frequently asked questions about tiles and their installation:

What are tiles made of?
Most tiles used in homes are ceramic tiles. They are made from clay, sand, and other natural materials. Porcelain tiles are essentially a higher quality type of ceramic tile. Some homeowners opt for tile that is made from a durable stone, like granite.

Where can tiles be installed?
Tiles can be installed virtually anywhere, though your choice of tile may vary depending on where it is to be installed. Tile is especially popular in moist areas, like in bathrooms and around pools. Porcelain tiles tend to resist moisture better than ceramic tiles, so they would be the best choice for such locations. Tiles are also a great choice for kitchen floors, counters, and backsplashes because they are easy to clean and resist heat well.

How are tiles installed?
Tiles need to be installed on a clean, level surface. They are attached to the surface using mortar or some kind of adhesive. Tiles must be arranged with small spaces between them. These spaces are where the grout is applied, which helps hold the tiles in place and keeps dirt and moisture from getting between the tiles. Tile installation is a difficult task involving precise cutting and arranging of tiles. For best results, tile installation should not be attempted by an inexperienced individual.

What upkeep does a tile surface require?
Tiles should not be walked on or otherwise disturbed until the mortar and grout has had ample time to dry. Once installed, most tile surfaces require very little maintenance. Regular sweeping or dusting of your tile floor or counter is important, as is periodic mopping or scrubbing with a nonabrasive material. Spills should be wiped up immediately. Stone tiles are more likely to stain, so be extra cautious with these surfaces.
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Tile not only beautifies a room, it has practical use as well. For example, it provides comfortable flooring for tenants in hot and humid climates. Stone or glass tile adds pizazz to a room's decor. Before undertaking this home decorating project, there are a few questions one should ask.

  • Should I hire a contractor to install my tile?
    Installing tile requires the expertise, effort and equipment. If these seem overwhelming, hire a contractor. Make sure to get recommendations, check references, and guarantee his vision matches yours.

  • How do I prepare the surface before I tile?
    This is the difficult part. The fun part is to lay the pattern. Remove the existing floor. Make sure the subfloor is flat. Cover uneven floors with plywood or ceramic tile backing board. Finally, scrub the floor to remove the debris from the area you want to tile.

  • What kind of tile should I install?
    Consider your floor desires. Slate is durable, can be heated and granite gives solidity. Marble and glass exude luxury but are high maintenance. Ceramic looks good, almost regal, but it can be slippery. Linoleum is easy to lay but tears easily. Finally, designs are virtually limitless and countless mosaics are available.

  • What size tile should I install?
    It depends on the room. Kitchens work well with 12 X 12. This size also works well in the bath and 8 X 8 is also popular. Remember, the smaller the tile, the more time you’ll spend cleaning the room.

  • What should I do for the walls?
    Again, think about the room. 4 X 4 is the most common size although 4 X 6 or 4 X 8 gives a timeless feel. For the shower or bath, make sure you go all the way to the ceiling for longevity and cleaning ease.