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Important Terms to Know About Fingerprinting
When criminals are arrested, they get fingerprinted. This is to ensure their fingerprints, which are unique to every individual, are on file for future reference. This can also connect criminals to previous crimes. Children can be fingerprinted, too, in an effort to have their prints within a central database in the case of kidnapping. Used primarily for identification, fingerprints have many important terms associated with them and here are a few.

Ridges: A fingerprint is essentially an impression of the friction ridges of a person’s finger. A ridge in this sense involves the raised portion of the skin.

Live Scan: A technology allowing for digitally scanned fingerprints to be uploaded to a central database. This inkless method is quick and efficient, allowing for immediate access by law enforcement professionals all over the country and even the world.

Fingerprint Recognition: Also known as fingerprint authentication, this automated verification method can detect a match between two fingerprints, one of the many forms of biometrics used by law enforcement personnel and scientists to identify people.

Exemplar: This type of fingerprint is taken on purpose from an individual for the purpose of keeping records.

Forensic Science: A branch of science that involves the legal system, usually when a crime has taken place. There are many sib divisions of forensics, such as forensic DNA analysis, which studies an individual’s DNA to determine responsibility for a crime or maternity/paternity.

Loop, Whirl and Arch: The three basic fingerprint patterns used in identification analysis.

Latent Print: A fingerprint that is hidden or invisible.

Statutory Fingerprinting & Not
Statutory Fingerprinting & Notary is a company that supplies comprehensive Fingerprinting Services in Miami. We have been the reliable fingerprinting experts for over 15 years. Our specialties include: Level 1 background Check, Level 2 background check, Notary Services, and Level 2 Live Scan Fingerprinting.
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Fingerprinting is not just done by law enforcement officers. Government departments commonly send fingerprints to the FBI for processing, including immigration. Private employers usually make use of a fingerprinting services office. These offices provide fingerprinting services to the general public.

Their services are most commonly used by employers performing background checks, especially associated with applications to work in child care or security. They are also used by parents who may get their children fingerprinted as positive identification in the case of a missing child or a kidnapping.

Police crime labs also take and analyze fingerprints. Fingerprints are retrieved from crime scenes by forensic experts. Advanced pattern recognition software is now used to compare prints and provide the evidence needed to make an arrest. Investigations may also involve the use of DNA and genetic fingerprints, often read and processed in the same lab. The skill of reading fingerprints by eye may still be needed in small, local police stations and jails that do not have modern digital scanners and may still rely on the older ink pad system. Taking fingerprints has become a relatively easy job that can be done with little training.

Biometric scanners, which may use fingerprints or iris patterns, are often built in to laptops. For other security purposes, such scanners are generally purchased retail and installed. They are used as a means of secure identification and purchased from security equipment companies. Personal biometric scanners are most often used to secure computers and data.

In fact, although fingerprinting is strongly associated with forensic investigations, the majority of fingerprints are not taken for those reasons. Rather, they are used to identify individuals. Some legal documents may require fingerprints in order to be binding. Fingerprinting, however, has become more and more high tech. The image of the fingerprint pad now belongs to the past.