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Questions to Ask When Looking for Risk Mitigation Services

Radon is a harmful gas that is odorless, colorless and tasteless. Often, radon is referred to as a silent killer. Radon mitigation or abatement is something you should consider for your business and your house. You can hire a company or contractor to test for harmful molds. An inspection is recommended to minimize potential exposure to molds and gasses. The following are important questions to ask when looking into radon abatement services.

  • Is this inspection for commercial purposes or for my home?
    If you are the operator of a business, you should have the building tested for radon and other harmful gasses. You should also have your home tested. More tests may have to be done for a commercial inspection due to the size of the building.

  • Am I at high risk for exposure?
    The purpose of having a test done for radon is the gas is undetectable by natural human senses. There are certain aspects related to your home or business that may make you more vulnerable to radon exposure. These aspects relate to the permeability and ventilation rate among other things.

  • What can I do to prevent exposure?
    This is something you should always be looking to improve. Ask the contractor or mitigation company what can be done to ensure harmful substances are detected. There may not be much that can be done with the building to prevent exposure, but alarms and test kits can be used to your benefit. Regular tests and inspections will always keep you aware of potential dangers associated with your building.
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    Radon gas mitigation is a specialist, and growing industry. Radon inspectors perform professional testing and may also check on existing mitigation systems.

    Mitigation companies hire technicians who are trained in inspection, but also in remediation techniques. Often, they also handle asbestos and mold removal, and mold inspection can be an important part of designing the overall abatement system. Toxic chemical abatement, of course, requires great attention to the safety of the workers. Asbestos can be particularly difficult to handle.

    Workers need to be able to install fans and set up vents. Keeping the vents clean is an important part of ensuring that the system stays in good repair. These contractors need to purchase supplies and equipment. A mitigation company also needs its workers to understand why radon gas is dangerous and to educate them and home owners on the risks of exposure. Companies will perform both short term and long term tests, the former often being used before sale of a property. It generally takes less than a day to install a system and reduction is immediate.

    Companies may also sell radon detection and mitigation kits, although only a skilled DIYer is likely to attempt abatement.

    Industrial and commercial buildings require a more advanced approach. Pressurization is the most common approach used here. Exposure levels tend to, however, drop dramatically above the third floor. Businesses and schools obviously require a larger scale approach than homes.

    Radon is currently considered a major health threat. Detection and mitigation is a growth industry, especially in areas where radon levels are naturally higher, such as in the northern part of the United States.